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Who are those joggers? This presumptuous class of “would-like” to be umbriddled liberal capitalists…?

Posted on: September 16, 2012

Who are those joggers? This presumptuous class of “would-like” to be unbridled liberal capitalists.

I am acquainted with a few joggers, those people who run for about 45 minutes or more, every day, rain or shine, working days and on vacation days…

Some of them jog in the morning before going to work, some in the evening after work, and some even at lunch time.

Lunch time? Why? What’s the purpose? More crowd to exhibit our prowess in overcrowded downtown?

Those “addicted” joggers feel that it is important that they should run everyday to clear-up their muddled brain and sort out the best methods to plan and activate mischief, at work, on family members, and to awe the community…

There is no doubt that starting to run is no easy start, and it is Not the same as “the 1,000-mile journey begins with the first hopping steps…”: It is a conscious decision of “Am I the stuff for huge successes and cover stories…?”

For what is worth, the kind of joggers whom I knew had “high” positions in private companies or are into the financial business, juggling around fictitious money, from the pocket of unknown wealthy people to unknown board members…

And they are running, increasing speed (called accelerating) and falling back into rhythmic cadences for sustainability reason. I

n the paced phase, the “capitalist” joggers are ruminating on day-dream success stories, and as they accelerate and adrenaline is pumped into their “gorgeous vein”, you can bet that people and clients are being trampled, at work and on the street…

Those implicit “would-like” to be “liberal capitalists”, and most of them don’t even know it yet, have taken jogging as a symbol: If you want to maintain the bottom-line, you have got to keep waging battles of increased micro-management confrontations (opportunities), whatever it takes to staying in the position of power, resisting, by-passing, swirling, zig zagging, avoiding to be an easy target…

Those jogging before going to work are visualizing the battlefield of the day.

Those jogging in the evening are preparing their mind for tomorrow combat

And those jogging around lunch time are trying to figure out how to finish the day with a victory, sorting out the many micro battles still ahead in the day…

I keep wondering why people who studied and worked in the US for a few years, mainly in major cities, return home “jogger-jokers“, wearing red bonnet in winter and backward cap in summertime…

Those who return for a short visit, they stubbornly run everyday, kind of keeping the tempo and waving their hands wildly to whomever they see on the way.

Those who returned for longer duration, they occasionally jog, for the show, reminding the community that they have been abroad…

There are differences between runners and fast walkers:

1. Fast walkers learn to practice warm-up exercises before hitting the streets and parks. Joggers do all these stretching, and far more arduous joint stretches, after the run: They want to avoid the residual aches and pains in the morning…And they know that they’ll be almost invalid within a decade…

2. Fast walkers check their pulses at intervals. Joggers are too engrossed in shaking their tight behind: They simply faint and die, like horses.

3. Fast walkers want to stay healthy while venting out all the rage, the wide spectrum of angers and emotions bottled up and accumulated since last walk. Joggers want to be seen as above the crowd, nimble, agile, bird-like about to fly, and inhaling deeper and faster the polluted air than the simple crowd. Jogger wants to show-off that they are in a position of power, and they can speed…

You cannot think properly when you jog, but you can visualize “how bad you can be” and eventually be a bad boy, and proud to be bad…as long as you keep jogging.

If I was not a smoker, if I had a proper running pair of shoes, had stable large feet that point straight (instead of diverging a la Charlie Chaplin), had a round tight ass…I could start a “jogging program“, running occasionally, for less than ten minutes max, learning to bomb my chest, keeping my head up, my shoulder blades spread wide, and dreaming of plenty of money coming my way…

It is this last dream of plenty of money coming true that is preventing  me from initiating the jogging trip.

I dread the memories of the various ways of manipulating money, depositing, withdrawing, transferring, writing checks, be stolen far more frequently, becoming a renowned sucker victim, taken to court for embezzlement, facing the terrible stigma of “uncovered” expenses, credit cards cut-off at counters…but never applying for debit cards, reserved for naive, simpleton capitalists by procuration…

As a kid, my biggest mystery was the “sitting on” chair, until I attended my first classroom, and the mystery thickened. Chairs? What for?

I kept running all day long, chasing nothing in particular, as far as I can recollect…

I am waiting, before I contemplate jogging, for my behind to re-establish its youthful fleshy and roundish look, otherwise, who would care for this puny exhibition?

I am seriously considering switching to the more dynamic mobility method: from slow walking and clicking my worry beads, to hopping, slowly, around my room carpet.

Away with pondering reflective moods. I ‘ll be vigorously jumping into the arena of tuning up, “capitalizing on”, and activating my mischief tendencies

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