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Whispered Tales landed in San Francisco…Part 2

Posted on: September 18, 2012

Whispered Tales landed in San Francisco...

Sabine Choucair and Chantal Mailhac, of the “Whispered tales from Lebanon” company, are touring many major cities in the US and disseminating 10 stories they captured from families in Lebanon. Here what happened in San Francisco.

“First trip within the Arabic diaspora

Loubna ( who actually put us in contact with Alif – Atlanta-  and CAC – Boston) was there to greet us and drive us around San Fransisco, to visit the space and the Arabic Cultural Center that was hosting us.

When we first discovered the space on the day of our arrival, we found it great and cosy, and we thought we’d have a very intimate moment during the performance.
And in fact, we were right.

The day of the performance, we’ve had an intimate event with an audience that was mainly of women. But not any women, those who are very engaged persons, and very active politically.

This actually might be the reason why the stories that touched them most were the ones related to the revolution and the fight against occupation, like the story of Hajj Abou Ali.

Now we are in Atlanta…
we performed last night and we are looking forward for our second performance tonight.

updates about the extremely exciting Atlanta experience will follow …
just after our second show.

stay tuned 🙂

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