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And President Mohamad Morsi of Egypt: Dusting off his pragmatic streak…

Posted on: September 19, 2012

And President Morsi of Egypt: Dusting off his pragmatic streak…

What if 42% of Egyptians go to bed hungry? What if the concept of happiness is a modern idea: That every citizen is entitled to eat and enjoy health care…as any elite citizen? How the Moslem Brotherhood movement in power can satisfy the basic need of a growing population? The next revolution is to be pragmatic and diverge from abstract pronouncements…

President Morsi (Mursi?), the constitutionally elected, has been sending strong signals and messages of how he plans to lead Egypt, pragmatically and on feasibility programs.

1. Mursi retired the leading military chiefs and set the stage for affirming the meaning of a constitutional election by the people…Mursi wants to be the sole responsible for the security, military decisions and political agenda of Egypt after the “revolution”…

2. Mursi agreed, temporarily, not to meddle directly with prior military privileges: The military is in charge of one-third of Egypt budget for economic projects and programs…

3. Mursi first official visit abroad was to China: Egypt is no longer to be viewed as the exclusive partner to the US…Although bthe US will remain the main financial and military backer to this Moslem Brotherhood regime…

4. Mursi is diversifying Egypt financial sources, and not taking much umbrage of how radical Islams interpret interest on money lending… The IMF is extending $4,5 billion, Qatar $2 billion and planning to invest $18 bn in the next 5 years on infrastructure (electricity, factory, tourism…)

5. Mursi appointed an ambassador to Israel in order to renegotiate the obsolete and one-sided biased “peace treaty” signed by Sadat in the 80’s…

6. Mursi is cracking down on radical Islamist movements in the Sinai, using what is necessary in military troops and weapons…, in order to put down, early on, the “illegitimate activities” of organization taking orders from foreign powers…

7. Mursi attended the “Non Allied States” (to any superpower) in Iran and is willing to cooperate with Iran in order to weaving an acceptable transfer of power in Syria…Egypt used to be one of the corner States of this organization during Nasser, alongside India and Yugoslavia…

8. Confirmed the Egyptian position on Syria: The current regime has to go…

Note 1: Mohamad Morsi got only 25% of the electoral votes in the first round, while the liberal candidates Sabahi (21%) and Aboul Forouh (17.5%) reaped 40 % of the total. Morsi has to deal with these results if his political program has to succeed…

Note 2: Post inspired from an article by Sarkis Naoum in the daily Al Nahar

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