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Ultra Fuzzy sunglasses: To ultra fussy Orthodox Jews in Israel

Posted on: September 27, 2012

Ultra Fuzzy sunglasses: To ultra fussy Orthodox Jews in Israel

The “Decency Patrols” in Israel, similar to the one instituted in Saudi Arabia, are selling for $6 ultra fuzzy sunglasses to ultra fussy Orthodox Jews that blur visions when “indecent girls” cross their paths on the streets…

These ultra glasses, supposedly do not obstruct clear vision a few yards away, but sexy female genders won’t be seen but blurred coming from a little distance away: As the woman is that close, the chaste man won’t have time to react appropriately and experience a hard on, or feeling horny as the girl is progressing toward him…

To be impressed with impure inclinations and sensations forced the ultra orthodox Jews to separate between the sexes: Separate in public buses and transportation means, separate on side walks, separate in public meeting and celebrations…

Posters and notices are plastered on walls exhorting the female genders to wear long loose dresses, closed collar, long sleeves…(I am not sure of open sandals).  Tight Jeans, bra-less chest, shorts, loose hairs…anything that is suggestive…of round behinds and large hips…is banned in certain quarters… Sex is for procreation, and experience of pleasures is not on the menu…

The “Decency Patrols” in Israel sell also visors that block peripheral vision, the worst kind of impure vision: permitting the imagination to run wild on what could have been the sexiest of physical parts… It is dawning on me why domesticated horses and mules wear visors (on the sides): Peripheral vision is pretty dangerous…

The next step is selling decent attires to outsider women, visiting these prehistoric historical sites and quarters..

I heard that the ultra orthodox Jews are planning to domesticate termites: Digging long underground tunnels to hide women from popping into the sun light and disturbing the peace…

A few religious sects have been uncovered in Russia where women and children didn’t see the natural light for 3 decades…A few old men ventured outside to cater for the survival needs…

I bet the ultra orthodox Jews and the Islamic Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia are the “happiest” of mankind: The less exposure to sexual excitements the less pain and suffering…

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