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Pingback, hyperlink, Unported License, etiquette…”You should know…”: Getting there, leisurely, gradually

Posted on: October 14, 2012

  •  Pingack, hyperlink, Unported License, etiquette…”You should know…”:
  • Getting there, leisurely, gradually
  • It was not the first time that I was asked by an “author” to post a link to the original article that I used, even though it was unchanged and the name was tagged. Actually, this was my third encounter with aliens.
  • It had to dawn on me that the exercise of crowding articles with all kinds of links is to have the name or the blog of the “concerned person” disseminated.  On the sound assumption that readers have all the time in the world and this effervescent zeal to leaf through every link thrown at them, for the pleasure of satisfying the ego of zillion of bloggers, just copying and pasting from one another: “The more you copy the more creative you become...
  • “One of those encounters was led by a “friend” of the author who didn’t mind at all. However, the friend, who turned out not to be able to write, snatched the dropped flag and wanted to run with it…
  • Another encounter was not alien, but in the flesh and blood, a close cousin.I published one of his posts, corrected a few typos and tagged his name…He was not pleased and recited such a long paragraph on a registered lisence…. I was dumbfounded of his memory, particularly that the paragraph made no sense to me and had long string of numbers…Something like ” I do publish under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License…”This sentence I received as a response to a note of minein one of my posts that say:“Fortunately, I don’t blog full-time or navigate the net to find out who have borrowed my ideas from the 3,100 articles that I posted: That would be a nightmare to keep track of and of no benefit, as far as I know. All that I am interested in is disseminate what is controversial and need to be discussed and reflected upon…”

    In any case, my cousin is on vacation, and I’ll run this lisence stuff on him and check if it matcheshis  words to words, including the numbers…

    An example of how unprofessional and technologically deficientI am  is this reply that I got:

    For one, I’d like to let you know how I discovered that you had re-blogged my article. It wasn’t a case of having to “navigate the net to find out who have borrowed my ideas”, but simply a matter of receiving a pingback from your post. It’s something that you should know about in your blogging – along with how to put hyperlinks into  your posts…”

    Two ideas in this reply I still cannot figure out:

    1. Pingback: The only pingbacks that I receive are the ones that wordoress returns for links of mines in my own posts, referring to other posts of mine. I cannot understand why wordpress has to clutter my pages on stuff I personnally ponging the ball back to me, and eventually blackening one of my eyes.

    As for the pingbank that the reader received following my post, I’ll have to ask him on his personal email…Suppose that the reader is a subscriber to my blog, does he automatically receive the pingbacks that were meant for me?

    2. This hyperlink stuff was a theoretical matter for me more than a decade ago.  I was under the impression that a regular link (this longstring of gibberish) is indeed what is referred to as hyperlink…I now suspect that hyperlinks are these Blue words that stud published pieces on the net.  Now, how to translate long sentence links into Blue short words is going to be my first priority to learn “how to do it“. Blue hyperlinks are neat, professional and appealing to the eyes, particularly in long articles: You can click on the Blue word and sidetrack the boring article for a change…

    Actually, I learned how to add links 6 months ago.  A niece of mine asked me to send her a link of my post…and after several minutes of patient explanation, I saw this stuff on the top of the page that I should highlight, copy and paste.  Simple, nothing to it. It is Google that is not returning properly what I ask him to search for, in order to add links…Would adding hyperlinks be as easy?

    Note 1: Do I have to remind my readers that I own no computer, no laptop, not even a cellular phone? Two decades ago I used pagers until I went crazy, and also used cell phones until I went broke, not generating a nickle for all the useless calls that I received…iPhones (Apple and Samsung…) may produce generations of new products and facilities, I won’t acquire one unless my business require one of these fancy trademarks…I’ll get myself a Samsung: cheaper and more performing…

    Note 2: Have you noticed the dots at the beginning of the post? I have no idea how the first dot appeared, and I failed to erased it: It just come back, a steady fixture, which I had to work around i and go on as invisible dots.

    Note 3:

    1.You may find it helpful to look at the WordPress support pages here:

     2. adding hyperlinks is covered here:

     3. pingbacks here:

     4. prefer a video, there’s one on hyperlinks here:

     5. and one on pingbacks here:

    Note 4. There’s nothing complicated about Creative Commons licences. They are just a way of telling readers that your blog posts are not copyrighted, and they are welcome to reproduce them under certain conditions (e.g. that they acknowledge the author). Anyone can use them. Have a look here:

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