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O2 customer services: An Online chat

Posted on: November 21, 2012

Online chat with O2 customer services

Can you explain to me from experience and vast knowledge, and in details what this O2 does, and what it sells, and how it does it?

Who is O2? Who are the deep pockets running this company? How linked it is with State institutions?

I picked up this chat post on FB that Joanna had with O2 customer services:

Resha: Hello, this is Resha, how can I help you?
Joanna: Hi Resha, I have a question.
Resha: I can help you with that.

Joanna: Does O2 use my personal details to send me relevant offers, deals and ads. e.g. by reading my personal messages or picking up keywords from telephone calls?
Resha: No, not at all.
Joanna: Well here are a number of occasions when I believe this has happened: I received an offer on holidays in Sussex. When I was on holiday in Sussex, I received a Nike offer when I was texting about a cycling touring trip to friends.

I received a pensions offer just after I hung up with my brother after a long conversation on pensions,

and I received a Christmas calls deals for Lebanon just after texting a Lebanese friend about their Christmas plans.

Resha: It must have been purely coincidence.
Joanna: Oh yes I thought as much.
Resha: Be assured that your texts and calls are safe.

Joanna: Thank you I feel very assured now.
Resha: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Joanna: No that’s all! Thanks.
Resha: It was nice chatting with you. Have a good day. Bye.

A few bits of news for confirmation:

1.  Is Amazon not paying taxes?

2. Better World Books (UK) donated 6,000,000 books and raised £8,000,000 for literacy projects?

In my last two birthdays, no gift books were forthcoming: Anyone to remind  Better World Books of my predicament?

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