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“Help enough people to get what they want…” Zig Ziglar

Posted on: November 24, 2012

“Help enough people to get what they want…” Zig Ziglar

“Help enough people to get what they want, and you can have everything in life you wantZig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar has published a booklet, spanning 12 weeks, for noting everyday what you accomplished toward reaching 4 goals you have selected: One long-term goal and three of shorter terms.

A goal’s purpose is to 1) direct attention, 2) create effort, 3) affect persistence, and 4) extends task-relevant knowledge and strategies to the problem at hand…

Change comes:

1. in small steps

2. in consistent effort

3. within group support

The entire purpose of this booklet is to feel that you are guided in this journey for success. And basically, the process is that you will change on the way, to become a better person. However, nowhere in the many quotations, there are included anything related to feeling or empathy or valuing emotions.

For example, (and I can’t help it Not to edit sentences my way):

1. The deeper your belief in your goal, the higher your success story can reach

2. Take your eyes off your goal, if you care to look at obstacles (Isn’t a prescription for a pretty lonely path?)

3. Failure is an event, Not a person. (Erect a totem for every failure)

4. Only you can use your potential (With all the support you will need?)

5. You can’t pay (upfront) for success: You’ll have to make payment everyday

6. Only you can stop your goal permanently: Don’t blame it on external causes (What if you become handicapped, can’t you delegate the goal for those you trained as leaders?)

7. We all enjoy 24-hour a day: lack of direction, Not lack of time, is the problem

8. Be, do, and have

9. Dependability is critical: Ability may be overrated

10. Opportunity for success is in the person, Not in the job

11. Quality of life is in the commitment to excellence in whatever we undertake

12. Success is a personal standard: What you set is what you get. (Sweet, better not believe yourself superman)

13. Yearning power is more important than earning power (once you set your goal in motion?)

14. Price of success is much lower than the price of failure

15. The more frequently you express gratitude for what you have, the more you’ll have to express gratiude for

16. The better you manage yourself, the better you can lead others

17. (A meaningful specialist is a purposeful wandering generalist. My distortion)

18. Duty do things well. Love do things beautifully

19. Are you trading what you want most, for what you want now? (The typical story of unhappy life? And who is this lunatic who knows what he want most?)

20. The business is right, as long as your thinking is right (And who is to say what is right in your thinking?)

21. You know you are successful from the bites taken out of you. (Many got bitten bad, and they are nowhere close to success…)

22. Do ordinary task in an extraordinary way: Doing anything with love will assure you an extraordinary future…

23. The job of motivation is to train your habit in order to get where you want to be

24. The Job of Rules is to teach you how to set examples (Supposing that the rules are humanly acceptable, safe, and do not rob you from reflective judgment…?)

25. Action changes emotions: Don’t count on logic

26. You have got to learn to see yourself a winner: If you care to win (That is how dictators see themselves?)

27. Integrity in failure is the most potent persuasive of tools

28. Can’t produce leaders? You are not one

29. Never make a promise you can’t deliver on.

30. Delivering on a promise requires good planning and strong support system

31. Excellence is a mindset

32. Work for Progress, Not Perfection (Let your support system perfect what you have started?)

33. A decision without a deadline is a meaningless discussion

34. Have a visible target: You can’t hit a target you can’t see…

Note: From Seth Godin

My teacher Zig Ziglar died this morning. He was 86.

Thanks for teaching me how to sell and why it mattered.

Thanks for reminding me how much it mattered to care.

Thanks for telling us a 15-minute story about Johnny the Shoe Shine Genius, so compelling that I flew to the airport just to meet him.

Thanks for 72 hours of audiotapes, listened to so many times I wore out the cassettes twice.

Thanks for that one day we spent backstage together in Milwaukee.

Thanks for making goal setting so clear.

Thanks for elevating the art of public speaking, and making it personal, not something to be copied.

Thanks for believing in us, the people you almost never met in person, for supporting us with your voice and your stories and your enthusiasm.

Thanks for teaching so many people, people who will continue to remember you and to teach as well.

You’ll be missed.

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