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Are you telling me the US citizens are that shallow? Joe DiMaggio’s mother, Seinfeld, Bill Clinton….

In my previous post, Michael Tomasky wrote “Why the Palestinians will never win” ( something to the effect that:

1. To Americans, Jews are nice (all Jews?), successful people. They’re funny. Jerry Seinfeld. Who’s gonna be against Jerry Seinfeld’s people?

2. Roosevelt toyed with the idea of interning Italian-Americans in camps along with Japanese-Americans. You know why he dropped it? Because people around him told him that there is no way on Earth you can put Joe DiMaggio’s mother in a work camp…

3. Bill Clinton said, the only Palestinians he knows are college professors and doctors. In Clinton’s experience and in my more limited one, Palestinian Americans are a high-achieving and very warm people. But all most Americans know is, they’re a bunch of terrorists…

4. The Palestinian leadership appear to have no understanding of why the Palestinians are really losing. They’re losing because American public opinion will never be on their side. Americans will always back the Jews….” 

And I wondered: “Are the US citizens that shallow?

Have the USA built a vast empire, and is still the first superpower, relying on very shallow people?

There are many US very famous actors, world renown professionals… from Near-Eastern origin (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine).  And the latest research extracted from the census revealed that they are the most educated in the US, with the highest rate in professions, and owning single family homes… (Read link in note 1)

People say:

“It is all how you present it. Palestinians need to present it better…”

“Wining the heart of american public opinion is one of the battles that needs to be won by the Palestinians… ”

“Writers attempt to use this argument to stress on the importance of abandoning violent methods to fight apartheid and occupying Israel reveals his hypocritical attitude toward the reality on the ground… ”

“Israel uses violence all the time, is it damaging its image in the american public opinion? No because it portrays it as a matter of self-defense.”

“The late leader Arafat abandoned violence and he is still seen as a Terrorist. So the question is how to cover up all your violence not abandoning it!…”

And I keep wondering: How could the Palestinians and their leaders present a better picture or message? Should the Palestinians say:

“We are being killed everyday, but we like the Israeli occupiers?”

“Israel uprooted 500,000 olive trees in our lands since the year 2000, but we understand and forgive Israel: They believe that olive tree is our symbol for resistance?”

“Apartheid Israel is harassing us on the 300 checkpoints and many sick Palestinians are dying on the trip to any hospital, but that’s alright. Wish the American public opinion just empathize with our plights…”

“It takes 45 minutes to reach the Jordanian borders, but Israel checkpoints lengthen the duration to over 3 hours, but that’s okay… as long as the American public opinions release their opinions on Israel ill behaviors…”

Do you think that Ariel Sharon dismantled the Zionist colonies in Gaza in 2005 after US public opinion disproved of the settlements?

Do you think that Ehud Barak withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000 after US public opinion polls expressed their views that Israel extended its presence in Lebanon (18 years)?

Do you think that the 138 UN Sates that voted for an observer seat to the Palestinian people waited for a US poll on that matter?

Mind you that President Obama promised the Palestinians an observer seat if they withdraw their demand for a full State last year, and then reneged on his promise this year for an observer seat? Do you think that Obama was relying on any US poll on that subject?

Finally, on Nov. 30, 2012, the Palestinians got their seat in the UN as Observers, a preliminary step toward acknowledging a Statehood that was denied last year. More than two third of the UN general assembly 138 out of 197 States voted for the observer seat. 41 States, including England and Germany abstained. Nine voted against: Beside the US and Israel, seven Island-States under de facto US mandated power sided automatically with the US dictate…

Mind you that the Palestinians are already a member of the UNESCO.

With this status of observer, like the Vatican, the Palestinians can submit to the International Court Israel crimes against humanity. And Israel will have to answer to the UN any further incursions into the “Occupied territories” of the West bank and Gaza…

In 1947, the UN partitioned Palestine into two entities. Implicitly, the UN agreed on a Palestinian State in 1947, but only Israel was granted this status in 1948.

It has taken 65 years for the Palestinians to be part of the UN, after hundred of thousands of martyrs who fell under the apartheid and theocratic State of Israel, and are still suffering from all kinds of brutal and humiliating indignities every single day.

Last week, 170 Palestinians died following 1,500 jet attacks by Israel on Gaza, most of them babies and civilians, and over 1,500 injured. Israel knew that this time around, even the US cannot be of help, and it tried hard to downgrade the significance of this new Palestinian status, saying that nothing will change on the ground…

For example, resume building more colonies, keeping the 300 military checkpoints, continuing with drone attacks to assassinate Palestinians, uprooting olive trees, withholding Palestinian tax money…

And what do you think is required for the Palestinians to accede to a full-fledged independent State?

1. The establishment of a sovereign government

2. Having a defined and well delimited borders… Abbas claims that the 1967 borders are good enough.  The Palestinian opposition parties beg to differ… They want the UN partition borders of 1947…

Here's what's left of Palestine today. The green bits are now voted the state of Palestine.
Here’s what’s left of Palestine today. The green bits are now voted the state of Palestine.

3. Having authority over a permanent population… And what about the 500,000 Jewish settlers in the occupied lands?

4. Voting on a charter that the Palestinian State will adopt peaceful mechanisms when dealing with the apartheid State of Israel… And if Israel refuses peaceful negotiations?

5) And Jerusalem as Capital? For the two States?

Million of Egyptians packing Tahrir Square, and scannding “Morsi, Rescind or get off the pot” (Taraja3 aw Erhal)

The current reigning Egypt Moslem Brotherhood cultist movement has lost credibility: Every single promise by President Muhammad Morsi or the MB party were not kept, and this within the brief period of acceding to power, to the executive and the legislative, with the total backing of the US administration.

For more than a week now, million of Egyptians have reconquered Tahrir Square in a show of popular force, to deny the MB a totalitarian and theocratic regime

A week ago, Morsi issued a decree amassing all the powers in his hands: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. He claimed that this decision is temporary, until the former Mubarak regime power centers are exposed and brought back to trial…

Morsi claimed that this decree is to permit the MB predominant legislative body to finish ironing out a Constitution to their liking,,, and for him to sign it and prepare a referendum on the New Constitution within 15 days.

Within a day and a night, the MB assembly voted “unanimously” on the 238 clauses in the Constitution, as the opposition forces refused to be part in that charade

The Constitution is to keep the clause that Islam Shari3a is the major source for laws… and extending wide rights for censuring freedom of expressions…

In his latest speech, Morsi declared that he has suffered under the former Mubarak regime, and there is no going back to a totalitarian and dictatorial regime…

But nothing will do: The actions of Morsi speak louder than his intentions and promises. The Second Revolution is unfolding, in full bloom and with renewed vigor.

All the opposition movements have vowed that Morsi has to rescind the dictatorial decrees and rework a negotiated Constitution with all the movements that were denied participation in its formulation…

The secular and democratic forces want a Constitution that insure partition of power, stable transition to power, continuation of all the institutions regardless of who is voted in power, guaranteeing freedom of opinions and gathering, and equal rights to women…

Morsi was an non-entity compared to other MB leaders, and Robert Fisk claimed that he didn’t win the election: The US wanted a change of the Mubarak regime direct representatives, and a full week for counting the ballot votes was meant to alter the result in the counting process.

Morsi promised a prime minister from the other opposition parties, and reneged and brought in a MB, another non-entity…

Morsi endorsed all the wishes of the military to retain their previous entitlements and economic bases…

The MB have been in a frenzy to quickly consolidate their power, taking advantage of the brokered Gaza cease fire, the full backing of the US administration, the Syrian uprising hoarding the Middle-East news media, and this impression that Egypt is back on the saddle as a pivotal regional power, thanks to the MB…

Most likely, Morsi is to submit his resignation next Tuesday: He has lost the credibility that was bestowed on him.

The Ordeal of Freedom? Is hope playing the vanishing act? And replaced by what?

Is hope playing hide and seek in the discourse on Freedom?

What redundant choices are the players busy prioritizing, sorting out, rating, erasing, replacing, settling their mind upon….?

Is it the proper time to write down the goals we want to achieve?

The long-term and short-term goals that will set us “free” from all the diversions we are bombarded with?

And what kinds of goals we favor?

Amassing wealth for the sake of wealth?

Communicating with as many people so that we get first pick on opportunities, looking us in the face, and seeing nothing of value, for our lack of observational skills?

Goals for what kinds of success? In what and for what?

For a 15-minutes recognition as a unique individual, among the billion surrounding us? Billion of mankind, still in the phase of survival, waking up with the sole purpose of finding something to fill the stomach, anything to eat…?

For a recognition by the community that we are a worthy member, hard at work, steady in following customs and traditions…?

For a recognition by the extended family that we were not such a big loser, an irredeemable loss after decades of nurturing, in pushing us around to get at par with the neighboring family children…

Is it Saul Bellow who wrote:

“The Russian poets Mandelstam and Sinayvsky restored the soul for the million of Russians, on whom Stalin poured the Old Death. Reciting poetry to fellow convicts (mostly political prisoners) and by writing about it in their journals…Perhaps to remain a poet in such circumstances, is also to reach the heart of politics: The human feelings, experiences, human form and face, recover their proper place, in the foreground…”

The Ordeal of Freedom is to learn and absorb the private cruelties and brutalities, where “More die of Heartbreak“, all the kinds of “New Deaths“.

“Never mind rising entitlements, never mind the luxury life-style… All this is seen by remote centers of consciousness, which struggle against full wakefulness. The opening of a true consciousness to what is actually occurring would be a purgatory”

There aren’t any words for what happens to the soul in the “Free World“.

The ordeal of freedom, having to take responsibility for our own choices and decisions… being cornered and forbidden to blame our shortcomings and problems, on external circumstances and conditions, foreign pressures, hidden powers exercised by Big Brothers

The ordeal of freedom, and hope gone out the window.

Having no time to focus on “Who we are“, or having plenty of time to reflect on our needs and wants, but feeling too shy and coward to confront the savage ordeal of freedom, telling us that time is money, time is invested for success stories, time is not a luxury to revert to our soul and discover our personal dreams…

Time is not a luxury to empathize with friends, to take all the needed time to listen to the aches and pains of friends, to contribute our energy and some time to other more needy people…

This cold world in this ravaging ordeal of freedom

Czeslaw Milosz wrote in Annalena:

“To whom do we tell what happened

On the earth,

For whom do we place everywhere huge mirrors

In the hope that they will be filled up

And will stay so?”

Note: I read this term “The ordeal of freedom” in “Reading Lolita in Tehran




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