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Morsi of Egypt has to deliver on his promise: “If the people gather in Tahrir Square as during the Intifada on Mubarak, I will certainly step down…”

Posted on: December 7, 2012

Morsi of Egypt has to deliver on his promise: “If the people gather in Tahrir Square as during Mubarak, I will certainly step down…”

The people in Egypt have been setting their tents for 2 weeks now in Tahrir Square, demanding that Morsi steps down. Why Morsi is still hanging on to his seat?

Already there are a dozen killed and over 200 injured, and perpetrated by Morsi’s hooligans of the Moslem Brotherhood movement. Why Morsi refuses to deliver on his promise?

The police forces have arrested 32 of the MB hooligans carrying molotov bottles and sharp weapons on their raids against the demonstrators. What Morsi is waiting for?


Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the actions of President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters who deliberately fired on journalists and attacked them as they were covering last night’s clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

Al-Hosseiny Abu Deif, an experienced newspaper reporter, was rushed to hospital after being hit in the head by a rubber bullet fired at close range at around 1 a.m. today and is said to be in a critical condition.

A witness told Reporters Without Borders that Morsi supporters deliberately targeted Deif, who works for the newspaper Al-Fagr.

Five minutes before Abu Deif was shot from a distance of just two metres, he showed colleagues photos of the president’s supporters with sophisticated weapons.

Abu Deif camera was stolen after he was shot, as colleagues went to his aid.

“Witnesses say the president’s supporters deliberately targeted and attacked journalists. We call on President Morsi to order an investigation into the circumstances of these attacks and to punish those responsible. As president, he must ensure the safety of all of his fellow citizens, including journalists.

“We also call on the president to rescind the 22 November decree granting himself extraordinary powers, and not hold a referendum on the draft constitution in its current form.

The Constituent Commission must amend the draft in order to provide more protection for freedom of expression and information.”

Other journalists were injured during the night as they covered the clashes.They included :

Mohamed Azouz of the government newspaper Al-Gomhuria,

Osama Al-Shazly of the daily Al-Badil,

Islam Abdel Tawab of Al-Alam Al-Yawm,

Sahar Talaat, a correspondent for Radio France Internationale’s Spanish service and

Ahmed Khair Eldeen, a ON-TV journalist.

Two journalists with Turkey’s TRT television, reporter Mehmet Akif Ersoy and cameraman Adil Ahmet, were attacked earlier yesterday in Tahrir Square and their equipment was damaged.

Read the letter about the Egyptian constitution that was sent to President Morsi yesterday.

The people in Egypt have declared with no uncertain terms: “This MB Constitution will not pass…”. Why Morsi insist on a this charade of a referendum on this Constitution that was cooked within one night and one day without the participation of the other political parties?

Morsi should remember that Egypt had a secular constitution and secular civil laws a century ago. Why Morsi feel so strongly about reverting Egypt to the medieval age?

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