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“Salam 3alikum. Happy Xmas”: And two drones attacks on this 3eid

Do you that the biggest ever bombing campaign by US B-52 bombers took place over Christmas 40 years ago, when the US dropped 20,000 tonnes of explosives on North Vietnam.

What is it that “belligerent” parties strike during the holidays? In ancient times, annual celebrations were respected.

And while Santa Claus is distributing gifts in the West, Obama is sending drone strikes to Yemen! Another drone strike hits Yemeni soil today!

‏Sam Waddah posted on FB:

I strongly believe that the problem is not with the US administration striking drones, but rather with our government approving of them!

Drone strikes decreased in Pakistan by 41% in 2011 and another 40% in 2012 because the Pakistani government started to disapprove of them!

On the other hand, US drone strikes in Yemen have increased by 240% in 2011, and another 250% in 2012, simply because our Yemeni president “approves of them”?
Unless our government values Yemeni blood and opposes drone strikes, Obama Claus will keep increasingly bringing us drones in 2013 and so forth!

Are we victims of our leaders, more than we are of the US!

Merry Christmas from Yemen!

Christmas day was a day of double drone strikes in Yemen, killing five ‘suspected’ militants. The first drone strike killed two people travelling in a vehicle in a southern town, al-Bayda province on Monday.

In the second attack, which also occurred on Monday, the unmanned aircraft fired missiles at three people riding on two motorcycles travelling in Hadramout province, killing all three men.


Omar Mash, a Yemeni blogger, tweeted:

@Omar_Mash: ‘Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. bombs engraved with ‘MADE IN USA’ rain over Arabia’s oldest civilisation’ #Yemen

@Omar_Mash: As Americans take time out to feast and celebrate w their families, let it be known that their Gov is destroying Yemeni families #NoDrones

@Omar_Mash: They stole our revolution, they enforced their version of stability, they make it rain with their bombs from our sky. Merry Xmas from #Yemen

Glenn Greenwald, a columnist and blogger for the Guardian, replied:

@ggreenwald Not just any gift: from a Peace Nobel laureate! RT @imothanaYemen 2 US drone strikes in Yemen today. Should we consider them a Christmas gift?!




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