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Women Lead in Dance on Valentines Day? This One Billion Rising Event…

Today, one of every three women on this planet, or one billion, will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, and friends violated. V-Day REFUSES to stand by as more than a billion women experience violence.
Jacob Devaney posted on Feb. 7, 2013

One Billion Rising is organizing a global revolution of love and respect on Valentine’s Day, but they are not alone.

The Idle No More Movement, which has done much to bring awareness to native and environmental issues, is joining in solidarity. Is Idle No More an unlikely ally to One Billion Rising? Not at all!

As discussed in, Solidarity Against Rape and Pillage, raping pristine stretches of nature and violating women may be different acts but they are both rooted in a similar abuse of power which includes unrestrained exploitation without consent.

What is most exciting is that Idle No More and One Billion Rising are movements started by women who are determined to get attention and support for these most noble causes through dancing!

2013-02-07-1brlogoweb.pngImage Courtesy of V-Day

This popular quote used in V For Vendetta, “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having” is attributed to Emma Goldman who was a feminist and anarchist that would probably be celebrating “V” for V-Day instead.

Borrowing from Emma Goldman again, “No revolution can ever succeed as a factor of liberation unless the MEANS used to further it be identical in spirit and tendency with the PURPOSES to be achieved.”

So we must dance and make it filled with beauty and color.

The notion of dirty, uneducated, lazy, angry protestors revolting has been unsuccessfully used in an effort to invalidate and discredit social movements like Occupy Wall Street, but it will be even harder to tarnish and refute the beauty of One Billion Women Rising.

In the same regard, Idle No More has brought fancy dancers, hoop dancers, full of color with drumming and singing into public places. These are aspects of something new, something very hopeful, these are examples of educated, creative, and non-violent individuals engaged in a beautiful uprising.

V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. V-Day was founded by Eve Ensler and inspired by her award-winning play, The Vagina Monologues, that was made into a film for television in 2002.

Each year, the play is produced all over the world to raise awareness and funds to help rape victims and there are currently 5,800 V-Day related events annually. This year promises to be the biggest ever.

While Native People are no longer willing to sit idle over abuse of lands and treaties, they are also bringing awareness to the unreported and non-investigated abuse of native women. Members from Anonymous have also chimed in with their #OpThunderbird, stating, “Our Sisters are Beautiful. Our Sisters are Powerful. Our Sisters should Expect to live Without Fear.

Lakota Grandmothers are rising and “silent no more” about genocide with a film called Red Cry. In Lakota Country, Traditional Indigenous Women’s Societies signed an international treaty for protecting the sacred.

First Nations Child and Family Caring Society has joined in solidarity along with thousands of individuals, communities and celebrities around the world. Native People have always taught respect and reverence for the mother of all mothers, Mother Earth.

This article would not be complete without including Code Pink, which is naturally participating in the One Billion Rising events planned for February 14.

Code Pink is another wonderful grassroots organization initiated by women working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities.

I am overjoyed and grateful to see such strong, hopeful movements converging and I invite you to learn more about One Billion Rising by visiting their website to find an event near you and join in the dance.

While stuffy politicians in positions they were elected and sworn to uphold fumble to gain respect after failing to renew The Violence Against Women Act, people everywhere are taking lead to become the change they wish to see in the world. Shall we dance in support of women everywhere?

Shall we dance in reverence to protect the sacred Mother Earth?

Shall we celebrate a beautiful uprising filled with love and compassion on Valentines Day?

Beautiful Uprising. You have one week to tell ALL of your friends.”

Note: Why we dance?

“Are you sure, comrade Aliide”?

The interrogator asks Aliide:” Where is Hans”? (the husband of her older sister Engel and an Estonian nationalist)

Aliide: “Hans is dead. Killed by roaming gangs in the forest…”

Are you sure, comrade Aliide?”

“Hans is dead”

The tchekist (Soviet security agent) said: “I have done all that is possible to help you. I can do nothing now”

Those people in long chromed leather boots and leather black coats attached the hands of Aliide behind her back, and dropped a jute bag over her head.

She could see nothing. Water dripped on the floor of the cave beneath the municipality. The odor of the humid cave spilled out the door.

Aliide shirt was torn apart and her chest bared. She was transformed into a mouse in a corner, a fly on a lamp, a rusty thumbtacks on the wall..

Blood under the skin of her chest, the hematoma of her tits were inflated. As the skin of the naked woman touched the floor, she didn’t move. This body with a bag over her head was now a stranger, she never existed, she was a root going deeper under the soil.

Aliide was spit on the leg of the table, by a hole for termites. She was a mole digging away. The courtyard smelt of rain and wind, the humid dirt breathed. The head of Aliide was dipped in a trash bucket.

She was being sniffed by dogs, urinated at… And somewhere you could smell brandy, guess the chromed boots… Somewhere people were mixing the languages of Estonia and Russia, rotten tongued whistling…

The buckle of a belt jingling, a door opening, a glass resounding, a chair scratching the floor…

Aliide was a fly, trying to escape in her mind, but this woman is emitting a moan, a death rattle in a spasm. The bag smelt of vomit, smelt of urine…

The door banged: “It stinks. Get her out”

Aliide is in a ditch. Shortly the sun will be up: She has to drag her sore body home, before anybody see her and recognizes her. She had no socks on.

Her older sister Engel will never forgive her for bearing her legs, no decent woman should show her naked legs…

As Aliide is readying to take a hot bath, she ordered Engel to burn all her clothes.

“They will be back. We have got to be leaving…”

And they were back the next morning: They behaved as the masters of this home, and the 3 women were taken back to the municipality. Aliide was ordered to handle the torture of her 7 year-old niece Linda.

Aliide was to grab the hot lamp dangling in the middle of the table, approach it and burn the pussy of Linda…

Aliide did it. The three women didn’t talk.

Aliide had arranged to hide Hans in a tiny storage room: She would do anything to keep Hans close by, all for herself, not for her sister Engel (the couple was in deep love) or Hans’s daughter Linda.

Aliide waited all her life to hear someone tell her “It was not your fault if you were tortured…”

Aliide waited all her life for someone to do anything to take off a tiny weight off her chest and who would promise her: “Not again. Never again

But Aliide knew that no one would come to her rescue: She could never confide to anyone of what happened to her in the cave in the municipality.

Aliide husband was a staunch dedicated communist among the provincial high echelons, and he cared for Aliide and his daughter Trava.

Aliide never cared for Martin but marriage secured a life of a normal woman and a few amenities.  Aliide had to play the good wife to remain in her house and be near Hans: Who but her could care for Hans as she managed to purge and send Ingel and Linda to Siberia?

And Martin died, and Estonia is back an independent State, and the former “communists” are harassed.

Liide is destroying and burning all traces of the communist period.

And she discovers in a secret drawer of Martin tiny objects, like the brooch of her sister Ingel. Did martin participate in the torture and raping of Ingel or Linda? Aliide married Martin because she was pretty sure that she never heard his voice as she was herself tortured…

Aliide also found the gold watch of a neighbor who was absolved of treason, but rumors spread that he agreed to have his girl raped for an entire night: The girl eventually committed suicide, and nobody knew the reason…

Aliide spent her life avoiding those who were tortured like her: She could recognize these women from their eyes and gaits, and she kept a distance from them, lest Aliide’s secret is compromised.

“Are you sure, comrade Aliide”? was the sentence that harassed her daily life, at every occasion she noticed a potential torturer. (Read note 3 for the entire story)

Note 1: The fiction character Hans Pekk was an Estonian nationalist who resisted the Russians when they occupied Estonia in 1939. He joined Nazi Germany army in 1941 when they entered Estonia on their way to invade Russia. He joined the Finish army as Russia reoccupied Estonia in 1944 and infiltrated to be part of the resistance with the “Brothers of the Forest”

Note 2: An extract from the book “Purge” by Sofi Oksanen

Note 3: The previous review of the Purge




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