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Strong Women and the “Men” Who Fear Them

Are Men who think women shouldn’t lift heavy just the weak kinds who fear strong women?

Why the job of women was to do the hardest of jobs and carry the heaviest of loads, water jars… miles away in most countries, before modern times?

Should carrying a fetus, growing to be over 6 pounds, 24 hours for months be the exclusive job of strong men?

Is it the duty of a “strong man” to make a woman feel beautiful? And what about making the other men feel as handsome?



Do you feel that you are in a position of having to help women realize their true potential and overcome their fears? Not of working hard, but of being OSTRACIZED by others for being fit.

You might discover the author of this post from the links. He posted:

“I’m about to rant about men who fear strong women and women who fear public opinion.

Most of the time I deal with the fitness end of the whole “strong women” issue. Yet, every once in a while I poke my head out of the gym and I’m shocked to see and hear about bullshit “men” keeping women down.

Call me crazy but I think a strong woman is sexy.

What kind of man purposely wants his woman to be weak? Who can’t handle the idea of physical, mental, emotional, and independent strength in their significant other.

Aw yeah.....

Aw yeah…..

I train mostly women. More often than not, at some point we have to talk about being strong and fit.

They have reservations that are rarely there own, the issues stem from those around them.

Issues such as being seen as Too Strong, or Too Fit.

Fact is, it IS possible to be strong AND feminine.

Most women are afraid to get fit because of even the POTENTIAL of being ridiculed by others. Grown women, would endanger their own health for fear of becoming strong.

Thanks Traci Anderson, Gwenyth Paltrow, and every weak man who has ever held back a woman, simply because they suck at life for making the lives of these women harder than they already are.

Make your own damn sandwich.

Make your own damn sandwich.

“….challenge the conventional norm of the healthy body image for men and women, and encourage ALL individuals to engage in heavy strength training.” Brandon Morrison says it best here, that an unattainable body imagine is being shoved down the throats of men and women nowadays and frankly I agree.

Women I train come to me speaking of ridicule they receive (or perceive?) for being strong; being called a “monster”, manly, or gross.

To the men and women who use these words, I don’t like you.

Jenn Streaky Yates of LBEB knows firsthand what it’s like to face adversity over being strong and sexy. A combo intimidating to weak men all over.

The kind of bullshit I'm talking about.

The kind of bullshit I’m talking about.

I use women like Jenn as an inspiration to all women to pick up some weights, change their lives, and take a stand against a society bent on keeping women weak.

We are living in an era when boys refuse to become men for fear of responsibility, and women weaken themselves in an effort to help these children feel like men.

If you are a man and you do not actively strive to make a woman feel beautiful then you’re not a man. We were born to woo women, ponder life’s mysteries, and lift heavy shit.

Yet most men nowadays would rather take some fat burners, listen to a scratchy macbook make music and demean women with their very presence. I find it offensive that I’m forced to share the same gender as these misogynistic POS.

I sincerely apologize ladies....

I sincerely apologize ladies….

This rant is pretty general and as such I could go on and on. That’s why it’s a rant dammit.

But let me summarize by saying that if you want your women to be weak; whether it be mentally, emotionally, or physically, then you’re not a man.

You’re not “protecting” her from anything, you’re just keeping her down because you don’t want to have to try harder and earn her respect.

A strong woman is a beautiful woman, and as far as I’m concerned I’m going to keep fighting this fight for as long as there is a woman afraid to reach her potential.

For the ladies out there! If you’re looking to raise you’re quality of life and become stronger here are a few great resources:

Girls Gone Strong:These ladies know how to get it done! Lift heavy, Eat healthy, Feel beautiful.

Lift Big. Eat Big. : Brandon Morrison teaches you about getting strong, eating big, how buff is beautiful, and the infamous “Butt Test.” How does your booty hold up?

Ambition Athletics!!! : My home away from home.

I love my job.

I love my job. (I’d love this job too, swinging in the midst of strong beautiful women…)




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