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How Passive silent Majority contributed to Crimes against humanity?

And what they want after the genocide is over?

After the smoke clears up, and the society reclaims its wits and overcome oligarchic systems that consistently committed crimes against humanity, what this majority of Passive and Silent “citizens” wants?  They  contributed to the Crimes by encouraging their State to commit mass indignities, humiliation and genocide… The majority of these Passive and Silent “citizens” wants opportunities to publicly acknowledge their tacit participation in crimes committed in their names.

And they desire official forums to Commissions of Truth to tell their stories, and how they behaved, and why they kept their silence and let the system resumes its “national crimes“…

You cannot reconstructed the history of perpetrated massive crimes through merely the acknowledgement of the engaged and active minority and State institution personnel in the civil war and State atrocities.

Remembrance of the political and social injustices done to the victims is biased and fall short to the real causes and the catalysts that set this machine of cruelty into its smooth course. Particularly, if only the institutional criminals were called upon to testify and acknowledge their crimes.

I was under orders from higher up…”

But how the passive citizens were pressured to publicly stay silent?

No genocide or mass crimes against humanity have been committed without prior preparation of the Majority of the population.

The plan starts with “hate literature”, “hate ideology” scare tactics against a minority (ethnic, religious, skin color, class of the population, genders…). The State is in control of the media and manufacture horror stories and pictures, consistently and according to an efficient schedule to impress upon the ears and eyes of the majority of citizens.

The citizens first feel relieved that the State is actually cracking down on those “imaginary” perpetrators of destabilization of peace, tranquility, common customs and traditions and ways of looking at life and the universe…

Quickly, the majority begin to feel the heat of the “real enemy” who is in total control of their opinions and behavior. The fictitious or gut fear is translated into a tangible fear that seeks amnesia by isolation and keeping silent, even to their closest friends and relatives.

Those majority who claim they were never aware of mass crimes against humanity are “sick liars” who are under perpetual denial. Only a Commission of Truth opened to the silent majority can cure the majority for the benefit of future generation.

With all that quick and global mass media, it should be easy for you to list a dozen genocide-type calamities that befell the world in the last half of century.

Lebanon suffered 15 years of civil war, and it “ended” as mysteriously as it started. Lebanon never enjoyed a strong central power to meticulously plan mass crimes against humanity, and here was the dangerous cause for this lengthy and brutal civil war.

The civil war started against the Palestinian Liberation Organization who controlled key cities and the political process, and was backed by a trained army and weapons far more potent than the Lebanese army was dotted with…

The war resumed between “progressive forces” wanting to reform the obsolete political system and the ultra conservative sectarian political parties. Syria was the cause for the war continuation in order to control the PLO and the strong political parties in Lebanon…

And after the PLO was kicked out of Lebanon and shipped to Tunisia, Iraq and Yemen… the war resumed against religious communities and even within sects for dominion of conquered lands and privileges …

The State of Lebanon was impotent to start a civil war or to quell this war, and it was far less capable of prosecuting war crimes.

The easy way out was to vote in the Parliament for general amnesties to close a troubling chapter in its “not yet written history book”. The civil war ended in 1990 with a political stalemate and the proclamation of “No Victors and no Vanquished”

After over the estimated 150,000 deaths, 450,000 injured, savage murders, vengeance massacres…the law effectively blocked actions against crimes and war criminals… This law enabled the warlords to assume public offices, ministerial posts, and even special funding boxes for their militias from the public treasury.

Since the memory of the war had to be subdued, Lebanon applied strict censorship to all references to the war, a State-sponsored collective amnesia.

The post-war urban reconstruction of Beirut Center mimicked this amnesia: tearing down the remnants of historical memory buildings of the good-old Lebanon and the symbol-laden area remained an open void…

The new generations are suffering from this endemic amnesia and relying on the memoirs of family members who are emotionally sick and short on rational excuses to prevent another round of community unrest…




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