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This detonating Aluminum: Most Voracious in processing energy, highly toxic in fabrication…

Posted on: March 31, 2013

Aluminum: Voracious energy consumption and highly toxic and detonating…

The raw material of aluminum is the Bauxite, and it is the fourth mineral found in abundance on earth.

The world production of aluminum consumes more than 1% of all the energy produced in the world. A single aluminum plant can light up a medium city of half a million for an entire year.

Processing aluminum consumes 5 times more energy than processing iron.

There are at least 3 phases in the transformation from raw material into aluminum, and each phase adds value 5 times over the previous phase.

The manufacture of aluminum is highly toxic, and the initial phases are done in third world countries, particularly close to mighty rivers. Monster hydroelectric dams are constructed on rivers just to produce enough power for the transformation of the Bauxite, and the people barely benefit from these massive power investment. Three gigantic dams were built on the Congo River for that purpose only, and the people get nothing from all the electricity produced…

I am reminded of the extraction and processing of copper in Chili. The main river has been privatized so that the plants exclusively use up the water and the power generated. Million of peasants have vacated their lands for lack of water.

Actually, many developing countries incur massive dept for building these dams that mainly benefit the multinational companies.

The investigative team on the quick crumbling of Twin Tower failed to mention the real reason for that catastrophe that killed over 2 thousand people within less than an hour: An airplane is made of 30% aluminum.

At temperature of 700 C, the aluminum melt and the liquid seeped through the floors and ignited the building quickly. Worse, at this temperature, aluminum is a detonating element, the content of aluminum in the airplane was equivalent to 700 kilos of TNT.

Aluminum salts are used for cleaning water, and it turned out that aluminum particles are very toxic and are not easily removed from the body system: The cells attach the particles and disseminate them through the body. The brain cells are the most affected and degenerate into Alzheimer disease, and ruin the nerves.

Iron salts are being substituted for cleaning water, but the process is more complicated.

Note: This is a small extract from a documentary I watched on the channel ARTE.

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