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What is to be done: Short of clinical testing for hormones imbalance…?

Posted on: April 13, 2013

What is to be done: Short of clinical testing for hormones deficiencies…? (fiction story, part 1)

Matilda is a young girl who always adds a year to her age: She is in a hurry to be considered a mature woman. She already believes that she reached 15 and is set to claim “I know it all. What do you know you old fart…?”

Short of clinical testing for hormones imbalance, I don’t know how to fathom Mathe’s behavior. This is not supposed to be a pun, but the fact is she hates math and any course that involves numbers and equations… Mathe hates all the other course subjects, you name it she hate it. She hates history, geography, literature… She thinks that she mastered the English language, but hates to write anything or even check the dictionary…

After years of learning French and Arabic, she still cannot read or understand these languages. She love to sing, dance and act: Every other kinds of knowledge that does contribute to be eligible for acting in Hollywood is a total waste of time and energy.

Fact is she is way the youngest in a family of six kids, the last of the grape (Akher al 3onkoud), and the one giving most headaches to her mother Conchita. Mathe is more beautiful than her sisters, and a tad taller, and the most spoiled: Modern education method is very spoiling.

No one in the family was able to oppose her desires and wishes: “I want this and that and I want to do this and that…” and gifts pour in at every occasion. The latest gift was an iPhone and always following “What’s up”…This young girl has digested the effective tricks to get her wills satisfied: She screams, shouts, bangs, cries, and throw a tantrum…

Her violent behaviors are reinforced every day. The irony is that she is not happy by the end of the day, kind of she is unable to enjoy the games and plays since she has to be the leader of the pack… It is hard to see her smiling, kind of looking tired most of the time…

Mathe simply wants to be an actress in Hollywood. When she was about 6, she was always ready to be part of a video shooting, done by one of her sisters or brothers for course assignment, and she was very patient for any retakes, and doing fine in her acting…

This story took place in an afternoon at home.

Mathe’s mother got used to bow to the wishes of her daughter. Mathe was watching a segment of a series on the laptop, sort of an hour break before studying. This afternoon, Mathe was not in the mood of studying, as is the case every day, and stayed 5 hours watching and refused to listen to her mother orders. Conchita was feeling very tired in bed and refused to get up and check what Mathe was doing…

Conchita used to ask me to unplug the computer, but I refrained from this drastic tactic. This afternoon, I sensed that Conchita was on the verge of nervous breakdown and she badly wished that Mathe obey her once and start preparing for tomorrow’s tests.

I told Mathe to shut down the laptop, but she faked not to hear me, as if “You don’t count and you are totally irrelevant… Bug out”

I stepped in and unplugged the computer. The girl got totally hysteric: “How dare you unplug the computer I am using? Can’t you see that I am not finished…?”

She was looking wild and her eyes crazy, and she started banging on the table and screaming… I focused my eyes in her eyes just to let her know that I am not about to blink or cave to her tactics. She suddenly pushed me and I fell on the sofa.

I approached her and she hit me with her fists and I grabbed her hands and made her knell in pain. She got up completely enraged and kicked me on the groins. I kicked her back. No physical harms were done, just sort of touch-kick.

Mathe realized that she got a match in stubbornness and her attitude changed.  I was not about to flinch, retract or cave to her well-oiled tragic tactics. Conchita reminded her daughter from the bed that this laptop is for me to use exclusively when I need it: Her older brother left the laptop, when on a trip, for me to use for my blogging activities.

Mathe registered this convincing argument and calmly shut down the computer the correct way, and rushed into her mother’s bedroom throwing a tantrum. She was very unhappy that Conchita didn’t side with her or even cared to get up off her bed and check what was going on.

Conchita didn’t look at her daughter and Mather went to the kitchen and brought in a large knife. She faked to slice her arm.

Conchita sensed what Mathe is about to do, and she was too scared to look at the scene. Luckily, the knife was too blunt to draw blood.

I was watching intently, mesmerized. You don’t see these kinds of gesture every day. I held my breath and not a single muscle moved. I was like keeping silent lest this somnambulism of a girl wakes up from her dream. Mathe tried one more slicing attempt, carefully, shaking, very apprehensive that this time around her act might work.

It is not that simple and easy to cut oneself. No blood was drawn again. Mathe began whimpering out of relief.

I had this impression that if the blood was faked and all… Mathe would have failed to be that convincing.

Temporary Insanity” is Not insanity most of the time: It is a premeditated scenario whose opportunity has knocked for execution.

Mathe went to her bedroom and slept off her tears. We were all exhausted.

I went down to my apartment and began mending a 100-hole mosquito net. Way into the night.

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