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Radiya (Contented): Or the versatile autistic girl

As a toddler, Radiya would watch cartoons for hours on end: Her mother would return home and see her child in the same posture, eyes riveted to the screen, as if the world around was condensed on the screen…

Radiya loved to be bathed and displayed a beatific face in the warm water, splashing and smiling… She was contended and the family felt comfortable with this quiet and healthy toddler (hanieh). She liked to please the audience of her newly acquired prowess in walking and climbing…

Radiya was no trouble at school: It appeared that she was doing fine in all courses, assiduous in doing her homework and social with her classmate…

As she grew older, Radiya was into break dancing, singing… and never waiting for any invitation to dance and to attract the attention of the audience. She was a ball of fire and enthusiasm till the age of 12.  She was not pretty, tiny in stature, and flat chested…  But at this age, Radiya didn’t care how she looked as long as she is in the game and leading the teams of little boys and girls

I recall when I arrived home after a long absence, Radiya was now about 8. At the airport, she rushed and jumped to be hugged: She must have constructed a hallucinating personality of me from the many pictures and videos… Radiya gushed everytime she saw me, sat on my lap, made sure to sit by me…. and tackle me when she was not playing with the other kids

Without much warning, as Radiya turned 13, a transformation displaced her other self. Her chest was still flat, not getting much taller, and not increasing in prettiness… She began to avoid leading boys in games, became more introspective, shunning dancing and singing in public… She started to wanting to evolve among guys at least 2 years older, the older the better…

And she started to read voluminous books of Anne Rice vampire stories… and reading the big books in a single sitting: Otherwise, she might probably have to start from the first chapter to get the story about right…

Radiya displayed a mocking posture when facing hot-headed and exuberant boys and girls. She joined girl scout for a year or two and quit: Sleeping in tents, surrounded with ants, mosquitoes, spiders…was not her” cup of tea”, and especially not enjoying a full night sleep…

Radiya decided to wear lightly in winter and sit by the gas heater instead, for hours on: She believe that wearing an additional layer is the cause for the mushroom invading her skin, particularly the abdomen part.  Every two days, the family has to purchase a gas bonbon just to satisfy her idiosyncrasies.  The side effect is that she catches cold frequently and go through two boxes of sanitary paper per day. She also keeps the lights on during broad day, for the details in her “homework”. Her father keep switching off lights in the house but does not dare disturb the comfort zone of Radiya: Her frequent ear piercing screams and cursing are not welcomed.

I discovered that she exhibited temporary photographic memory abilities: A couple of hours before the tests and exams, Radiya would read the lessons and pull off a good grade. The trouble was that, if she didn’t have to submit to other tests on the same subjects within a week, what she retained disappeared from her memory… her story board is confused and dates and names misplaced…

To my mind, I consider Radiya to be a versatile autistic girl.  She is currently studying fashion and doing excellent jobs in drawing dresses, cutting patrons, and coloring and learning to sew…

I overheard that Radiya is the best students among all Art disciplines, including architecture and graphic designs…

Note: This is the second character description in order to set the stage for my fiction story.




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