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We are born to play, to be playful… And transitory

Posted on: May 22, 2013

We are born to play, to be playful…

All research in the animal kingdom demonstrate that animal learn to survive by playing among the members of their family, and games is the main medium for learning anything worth learning in life.

For years, we played in childhood. Playing has become our second nature.

We effectively learned what feels  good and what feels bad by playing, and what we are good at…

We played games in nature, we hided, we climbed, we fought, we ran, we shifted in the hierarchy of kids… We barely had time to daydream. we slept very soundly, and we didn’t worry that much about the next day…

We hated and reconciled in the same day.

We played, and we grew up in plays, and that was very serious stuff, and we bonded with kids and animals with simple words, simple emotions… Only to revert to the easiest of inclined paths at the first occasion…

You are now a matured person and we are told:

“Time to grow up. Time to shoulder your responsibilities, to earn a living, to behave as adults should…”

Easy said.

And we start bringing in and creating troubles, just to stay in the games.

It is hard to be ejected from a team, for being casted out, for one reason or another…

Somehow, to survive we manage to construct a set of daily routines, a routine that changes with turning point situations… Only to revert to the easy enclines

We are transitory, and yet, we manage to figure out the most damage to impact on nature and the environment.

We are supposed to be the figure sticks in nature’s background. And yet, we sincerely believe we are the master on this earth…

And we realize that life is a bitter caldron, and the older the more bitter. Life should have not be that hard to live. Just hard to die of old age…

Feeling uncared for, unappreciated… and we are ready to bring in external factors into the picture, in order to find reasons for our unhappiness…

We start building pyramids of abstract notions that have nothing to do with our survival skills and our community bonding…

How our mind grew obtuse and distorted?

I cannot claim that our current life-style of playing indoors and isolated in front of screens is the main factor for the ruin of our natural environment: Two centuries ago, kids played outdoors and in harmony with nature and animals, but this behavior didn’t prevent man’s onslaught against nature

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