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“Can you identify sexual harassment?” By facts, circumstantial evidences, or plainly the perception of harassment?

Posted on: May 25, 2013

How sexual harassment is identified?

From a personal perspective, do you think that facts counts when the perception of a sexual harassment persists?

Do circumstantial evidences count if the perception of a sexual harassment lingers?

Facts can be forgotten, and the circumstances of events can be easily distorted, and what remains, as immovable as boulders, are the perception we had retained, correct or wrong.

If None of the conditions apply:

1. No forced sexual harassment

2. No power trip or status symbol was imposed

3. No physical harm was done

4. One party didn’t undress at all

5. No intercourse was contemplated or done

6. No further pressures were exercised for obtaining any kinds of “sex” demand…

7. When one partner said “NO”, the other party obeyed…

Do you think that in this case, claiming sexual harassment applies?

What conditions should be satisfied to classify an occurrence as sexual harassment case?

It sounds rational to believe that a person is not about to forget his “first sexual harassment experience“, and will build all kinds of myths around that experience… and try to almost totally forget who was the initiator (implicitly or explicitly) and what exactly happened…

I tend to believe that our memories are fresher and better with subsequent sex occurrences: What did we know the first time around to remember?

Except later impressions? Particularly if you are very young and inexperienced in the sex matters?

This perception of a sexual harassment encounter is to weight heavier than any other factors when someone claims:” You sexually harassed me”. Supposing that the person is seriously convinced that such an occurrence took place, and not a result of pent up anger.

Perception looms larger than court proceedings or the display of evidences, even pictures and videos.

Yet, do you feel that you should be considered taken hostage just because the other party feels harmed?

Would apologizing for the form of any help to you or the other party?

Would any verbal discussion do any substantial good to relieve the anxiety of both parties?

What has been impressed for years is not about to be erased or substantially altered by a few discussions or other means of communication…

It would be good to forget that such an event and talk have taken place, and go on with your life. It won’t.

Isn’t life more important than a single person hanging on to a perception or an event?

This life of the Absurd, going to great length to inflicting pain and suffering on the others and on ourselves, expecting nothing but more of the absurdities from the living.

It is so absurd that someone must exists after life to make sense of life. Though Never a reincarnation of the same.

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