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Why Syrian people revolted against the French mandated power (1924-26)?

Particularly the Druze in the Houran and Golan Heights?

Captain Carbillet was the appointed commander in the main city of Soueida in the Jebel Druze. The captain was intent on transforming this “backward” province into a semi-republican and “democratic” region. He acted as the appointed dictator, and he constructed aqueducts to bring in water to Soueida, built schools, roads, and started archeological digs…

The other side of the coin enraged the people.

The captain wanted to treat every one as equal under the law, particularly the punishment for “breaking the mandated Laws“. The tribal leaders and notables were meted with the same treatment as common people.  They cut stones, they were incarcerated in coal caves…

The captain’s cat was found hanging from a window, and the entire city was penalized to pay retribution for his beloved cat.

Captain Carbillet neglected to consider that reforms need plenty of time. And not only in societies where religious and civic aristocracies were traditionally respected for centuries and were well implanted in the society political and social structure…

Captain Carbillet believed that he could transform a quick radical evolution when the French Revolution of 1789 took centuries to apply its reforms

People who apparently accept quickly new suggestions are not about to desist from centuries of habits and customs

Banal events provoke violent reactions and the administrators have to deal with illogical manifestations

Emissaries from the Jebel Druze were sent to meet the French officials in Damascus and were turned away because they had no idea how to satisfy their requests.

The emissaries then decided to travel to Beirut to meet with the governor General Herod Serrail, a newly appointed governor whom the majority of Sunnis thought was favorable to their cause. The former governor Weygand favored the minorities such as the Christians, Armenians, Alawits ( the sect that is currently in power in Syria for 4 decades now)…

Herod Serrail didn’t even meet with the emissaries and they returned feeling totally humiliated and their dignity trampled to the ground.

They assembled the people to explain the results of their endeavors and how they were badly treated.

Serrail got apprehensive and convoked 5 of the emissaries to see him in Damascus.  Two of them were suspicious and didn’t go. The other three emissaries were detained and imprisoned in Palmira.

It is to be noted that all the appointed ministers in the Syrian government were Turkish by origin, as if Syrian Arabs were not qualified to take on viable responsibilities… At the first upheaval in 1924, all these ministers rushed to Beirut to wait for better conditions to return to Damascus.

As if all these struggles against the Ottoman Empire and the fighting along side the allied forces in WWI were of no consequences…

The French War Council was in permanent audience, and shot prisoners without trials

The French authorities bombarded towns surrounding Damascus (Reef Dimashk) with heavy artillery guns and airplanes. and burned entire villages on the outskirt of Damascus (Midan, ChaghourGhouta) and in the Houran. Fleeing villagers were shot point blank and everything stolen and sold in the souks.

And the mandated power imposed a fine of 100,000 gold pound on the inhabitants of the demolished towns and villages. Otherwise, the troops will resume bombarding what still remained…

Within 2 days, 15,000 people fled their hometown on foot.

From October 18 to 21, 1925, the French troops bombarded the capital Damascus and destroyed and burned entire blocks and the center, including the famous and ancient Souks.

Over 1,500 were killed and four folds that number were injured.

Note 1: Extracts from the diaries in the French book “In Damascus under the bombs” by Alice Poulleau. (First Published in 1926, and republished in 2012)

Note 2: France has lost most of its young educated citizens (civilian and officers) during WWI, over one million.  The new generation didn’t go to schools during the war and were practically illiterate, and spoke only the dialect of their provinces. These new recruits from the distant provinces had no backing to save them from being sent overseas. The officers dispatched to the colonies were mostly handicapped (mentally and physically) and were seeking “Revenge” against almost every one.  France relied on its Foreign Legion that gathered soldiers fleeing from ravaged countries sand  who wanted a French citizenship

Only 20 Things You Need To Do In Your 20s?

Twenty-something is prime in life. You will never be as young as you are right now.

And there will never be a better time for you to embrace all that the world has to offer than this age of freedom . Forget about the accusations that millennial generations are lazy, unmotivated and lack drive.

We all have growing dreams, previous accomplishments (like what?) under our belts and an ever-present sense of urgency to achieve exactly what we want (as if they know what they want).

Your 20s aren’t an excuse to give up on dreams and let go of ambitions. Instead, these years are the time to put it in full throttle and hit the ground running to set yourself up for future success and happiness.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, now’s the time to let go of insecurities and uncertainties (didn’t even thought to hit the ground for these insecurities).

 posted in Life on Jun 4, 2013 (my light comments are in parenthesis)

Here are the 20 things you need to do in your 20s:

1. Be you.

Your 20s are the perfect time to find yourself. If you haven’t already, take some time to be on your own and learn about yourself. And most importantly, learn to love yourself. Be unique! (say that to gang association of peer pressure)

Don’t try to fit the mold and blend in with everyone else. Be sexy; be bold. Make your presence known. (aren’t we asking too much?)

2. Struggle.

Blunt and to the point (in what?). Don’t let your struggles define you, but let them happen. Misfortunes make you a better person through the lessons they instill.

Troubles will come and go; they are not everlasting. If you’re struggling through tough times, things will only get better. (Tell these to potential suicide 20-something)


3. Eat whatever the fuck you want.

Screw the diet fads and constant pressure to look like the skinniest models on the runway (for both sexes?). Working hard to become healthy and get into shape is good, but relax with the strict dieting. Eat whatever you want, and don’t think twice about it (Is thinking 3 times bad?).

You will not gain 10 pounds because you ate that delicious chocolate chip muffin this morning (and the afternoon, and evening…). Food is good. Indulge in a little gluttony sometimes.

4. Date someone completely wrong for you.

Dating is fun! Don’t fear blind dates (wish you were blind?), or people who don’t fit “your type.” Go out with someone unexpected and see what happens.

You could fall in love with that one quality that you never really noticed (that’s the problem). You might be surprised at just whom you fall for. Even if you end up turned off and bored with the person, at least you have a funny story to tell (how this can we generate funny stories if the meeting was that boring?).

5. Do something purely for the thrill, and maybe more than once.

Be a thrill seeker; don’t play it safe (and here comes the troubles early on). The feeling of excitement is fun and enjoyable. Take some risks, and don’t fear the result. Sometimes going out on a limb and diving into a thrill-seeking experience makes for the best memories. You might not get enough and want to do it again.

Just remember — depending on the risk you take — everything is best in moderation (nice reminder for a 20-something).


6. Keep moving.

Your 20s are definitely not the time to settle. Keep moving; do not slow down for anyone or anything (what happened to take time and reflect?). When you settle down in a certain relationship or way of living, life becomes stagnant and soon enough, less exciting. Keep moving to keep up with the quality of life that you deserve in your 20s.

7. Travel the world.

There is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than traveling. Travel the world; explore unfamiliar territory. Soaking up new cultures is one of the best learning experiences, and it opens your eyes to the quality of life in different areas around the world.

You must always find time for travel, but there is no better time to explore with all the freedom in the world than in your 20s. Who knows, you might even come across a place that steals your heart away and you’ll never want to leave (the compassionate community?)

8. Love your parents, thank them and repay them.

Your parents have been the guiding force to your current place in life. Love them for all that they have done for you up to this point (and when you are 60) because you will hopefully be taking a stronger lead in your life, specifically financially. Thank them for all the times they supported you financially, or personally, despite any poor decisions you may have made in the past (and the perception that they must have made?)

Most importantly, your parents expect nothing from you in return for all that they have attributed to your growth as an individual, but take it upon yourself to repay them in any way you might see fit (live with them when handicapped and impotent?).

After Earth Premiere

9. Spend good, quality time with your family.

Your family has been, and will always be, present in your life. Friends and romantic partners may come and go, but blood is forever. Take advantage of your freedom during your 20s to spend some quality time with your family and maybe even get to know them better, now that you’re older and more mature. You will cherish the times with your family when you eventually become the eldest generation.

10. Mend the open wounds.

Let go of the bullshit in your past. Look at your 20s as a clean canvas (even the accomplishments?). This is a time to release any negative feelings holding you back from moving forward. Heal any open wounds that remain, and accept that there is sometimes no resolution for certain situations. If there might be a way to mend an open-ended problem, then make the attempt. Do whatever you have to do to feel free of any negative restrictions.

11. Meet a sh*t ton of new people.

New people are the spice of life. Everyone is unique in his or her own way and with every person you meet, there is added excitement and flavor in your life. Take it upon yourself to meet as many new people as possible in your 20s. You might meet your future hubby or wife, or maybe simply start lifelong friendships. (and remove your socks when in bed or making out with a girl…)


12. Make unforgettable memories.

Your 20s are a time to immerse yourself in as many new experiences as possible. Make unforgettable memories with your friends, old and new. Now is the time to try as many new things as possible. Expand your horizons.

13. Continue to follow your dreams.

After years of deciding what you want to do with your life, you may still be undecided on what exactly that is. Despite indecision on what career path to choose, your dreams are ever-present and more than likely becoming more prominent as you consider where you want to end up in the coming years. Use your 20s to make your dreams a reality. Strive to do all that you can to fulfill your dreams, and always remember that no dream is too big or out of reach.

14. Be a sponge.

Not only are your 20s a good time to get to know yourself, but also a good time to get to know the people around you. Spend quality time with you friends and acquaintances, take an interest in their lives, listen to their opinions and develop genuine relationships that you will remember forever (can this be possible for 20-something?).

The Sentebale Polo Cup

15. Pick up a new hobby.

Use your 20s as a time to really get to know yourself and maybe discover some new interests. Explore some new hobbies. Maybe take a few lessons on how to play an instrument, how to paint or how to work a particular computer program. You never know what pastimes you might fall in love with and seek to make something of! (Especially when very old and after retirement?)

16. Don’t dwell on the negatives.

Downfalls are inevitable. When the negatives outweigh the positives, don’t dwell on it. Remember that life goes on, and you have never been in a better position to remove yourself from negative situations and to move forward than you are right now in your 20s (do opportunities knock far more often when that young?).

17. Give back.

So many of the population on this planet are not as fortunate as you may be. Allow your 20s to be the years that you lend a helping hand to the underprivileged.

Whether it be a donation (is the audience of rich people?) of some sort, or you decide to travel to a poverty-stricken country for six months out of the year, do something to make a difference and give back to the community (knock on the doors of NGO and benevolent societies…?)


18. Cherish the people who have always been there.

When all is said and done, you will be able to count your most genuine and trusting relationships on one hand. While you’re busy meeting new people and exploring new places during your 20s, don’t forget to cherish the relationships you have with the people who have always been there for you. These are the relationships that deserve the most attention and effort to keep them blooming.

19. Trust only a few.

While trust is a good quality to have, there are only so many people in this world that you can trust with your life, or even with your most precious secrets (trust when totally down and helpless?).

You’re going to experience a hell of a lot in your 20s, and you should always be careful who you choose to confide in.

In the end, everyone looks out for themselves, and you can’t always be sure who will or won’t look out for you in the meantime.

20. Live in the moment, without fear or expectation of the future.

Above all, live every day of your 20s to the fullest. Relish the moment and make every day worth living.

Do not look ahead to the future with worry or expectation, as you could likely set yourself up for disappointment. Live every day to its greatest potential, as if there will be no tomorrow to make it right. (Learn and practice how to Live the Moment).

(Sound that the last recommendation refuted all the above)

Photo credit: WENN

Note: My impression is that the author was targeting the 30-something.




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