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Bags of the past: Default programs, ready-made responses… New dreams call for new behaviors.  Unless you refuse to change… What worked in the past only digs holes in the present. Old strategies and methods would hardly fulfill new dreams. Start again, but don’t resort to default behaviors, imagine new behaviors. Past behaviors worked in the past, but you’ve changed and so has the world. Examples of Old Bag: During stressful situations you reach into a well-worn back of tools – default responses. Defaults invisibly fit your grip. They’ll work again, you believe.

Default responses blind to new possibilities.

Two year olds get what they want by kicking and screaming. Leaders, who haven’t grown up, reach in their tool bag and pull out default responses of anger, for example. Negative defaults: The following strategies worked for you in the past.

  1. Pushing harder rather than stepping back.
  2. Anger rather than openness.
  3. Blame rather than responsibility.
  4. Attack rather than collaboration.
  5. Stubbornness rather than flexibility.
  6. Defending rather than listening.
  7. Explaining rather than exploring.
  8. Withdrawal rather than reaching out.
  9. Taking things personally rather than focusing on issues.
  10. All or nothing rather than progress.

Don’t let default responses bury you. New dreams require new tools. Imagine: Ask someone who is in default-mode to imagine other responses and they go blank. Addressing defaults:

  1. Invite someone to tell you what you look like when you’re in default mode. Better yet, ask them to talk/act like you act so you can see it. (Fasten your seat belt.)
  2. Forget solutions; explore strategies. Stop solving the problem and examine the way you’re solving problems.
  3. Uncover desired outcomes. What are you really after when you default to your default responses? Is it what you really want? What do you really want? Get that.
  4. What do your default responses say about you?
  5. How would someone you admire deal with situations you’re in?

What default responses do you see in others? In yourself? Note: A post from Dan Rockwell

(And you can change with patience and hard training

Ironic opinions on religions? The clerics have been setting the trend…

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood in power are cracking down on free opinions and targeting the journalists and TV presenter (Bassem Youssef) under the the label of denigrating and being ironic in matters of religion…

For example, consider this sample of sheikhs and imam on what they said and pronounced regarding the other religions.

Wajdi Ghoneim , supposedly one of the “internet revolutionaries” of January 2011, vomited: “The Copts (an Egyptian Christian sect) are whores (Sharameet), Unclean (Anjass), and the death of (Patriarch) Baba Shnoda was a day of celebration for the Moslems…”

Abu Islam pronounced: “The Christians worship the male dick. Must burn their Bible…”

Muhammad Zoghbi ejaculated: “May god burn the Chiaa and the Druze. They are dirty human species…”

Preisdent Morsi said: “The Jews are descendant of Chimps and pigs and blood suckers...”

And yet, Bassem Youssof, the media comics who lambasted these religious clerics is being harassed by the Moslem Brotherhood government…

Samer Madi‘s photo.
من يتهم من؟؟؟




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