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You own but your daydreams: May you guide the dreams to promoting human dignity

Posted on: July 1, 2013

You own but your daydreams: May your dreams be guided to promoting human dignity

Our life is fraught with persistent streams of frustration, anger, feeling of indignity, of humiliations, of worthless attitudes… stacked with frequent lies, conning, cheating events and happening…

No wonder that most of our daydreams are schemes for revenge, for punishing, for humiliating so many people we had to deal with or are connected with…

No wonder many people don’t dare take times to daydreams, on the ground that they bring the worst in them, and keep working and finding excuses to keep busy….

No wonder many welcome daydreams in order to vent off their antagonism and their mauled feeling.

In all cases, we own our daydreams: They are our best hidden diaries and no one can have access to our darkest schemes.

We all believe that, actually, these daydreams would not translate into real actions

We feel secure and appeased that we had an alternative to release our pent-up angers and apprehension….

It is frequent behavior to extend the story that we have read with our daydream versions, versions that satisfy our attitudes, peculiar conditions, and perception of our world view.

Occasionally, with frequent rehearsal of specific dreams, what we coin as temporary insanity actions are but the well rehearsed daydream stories whose opportunity have knocked.

It stand to reason that the more frequent our daydreams are negative and violent, the more likely our actions will reflect our hidden spirit.

May our daydreams be guided to enhancing human dignity, to improving human well-being, social and political rights, to building projects that increase safety, health, and daily living standards…

May our daydreams be guided to figuring out how liberty and freedom can be secured and maintained;

how peace and stability can be preserved;

how we can improve our behavior;

how to translate our skills, talents and training to train and coach others to become better people…

Note: I opened a new category last year “Daydream projects“. Foreword your daydreams and I would be glad to comment and credit your dreams. You may even send your daydream project to

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