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Should Army Chief calls on demonstration in a democratic system? Egypt’s General Abd Fatta7 Sisi
Egypt’s army chief, General Abd Fatta7 Sisi, has called on Egyptians to rally on Friday to mandate the army to confront violence and terrorism following the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.
The  Moslem Brotherhoods called for demonstration on Thursday to preempt the Army demonstration.
Arwa Gaballa posted this July 24, 2013:
“I really fear what’s about to happen under this authorization to fight “terrorism”.
Before you get overly excited about your much-anticipated genocide and unfair prosecution of your political rivals, ask yourself these questions:
What terrorism?
So far the majority of protests organized by Mursi’s supporters have been quite peaceful.
There are the occasional violent confrontations here and there (with opponents or security forces), but I bet you were hoping that they would go on a complete rampage and burn down the country to have an excuse to call for their killing and return to prison.
But they didn’t do that.
We need justice and law: perpetrators of violence must be prosecuted, a national reconciliation that includes all factions must be reached and violence is not the answer even if it’ll wipe a group of people that you hate with passion from the face of the earth.
And yes, Islamists are humans too.
What about Sinai Peninsula though?
Things are messy in the “strategic” peninsula. I’d focus my efforts there if I were the army and actually serious about combating “terrorism”.
Okay, it was pretty kind of the army to oust Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Not because they are Islamists, but because the Mursi administration failed miserably to deliver on its promises.
But why can’t the police play that role of confronting post-Mursi violence?
The protesters are civilians and must be dealt with within the law. Yes, even if they are Islamists. Yes, I don’t care if they look messy and shout unpleasant things that make you scared.
Can we and do we trust the army?
Have we forgotten the unfair military trials? The arrests of children? Samira Ibrahim and virginity tests? Maspero? Port Said? Mohamed Mahmoud? The Cabinet clashes? The blue bra incident? Tantawi’s finger? Can you trust the army?
It seems to me that the army is kindly asking for a license to kill, which I’m not sure I’m comfortable with.
يسقط يسقط حكم العسكر يسقط يسقط حكم المرشد يسقط يسقط حسني مبارك عايزنها مدنية… عيش, حرية, عدالة اجتماعية

Riding in Domino’s Pizza delivery cab in Kuwait

Posted by Jean El Hakim on FB:

“An adventure in Kuwait!

Apparently during Ramadan in Kuwait, finding a cab at 11 pm is kinda mission impossible…

I had a business meeting 2 nights ago from 10-11 pm at a coop in Kuwait… for those who have been to Kuwait, they know that in each district there is a medium size supermarket that also usually has a coffee shop, McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza, etc…

So after I was done with the meeting, I went outside the Coop and waited for around 30 minutes in the 45 degrees desert dry heat… I couldn’t find a cab and my driver is on leave during Ramadan…

I asked a lot of people and begged for help for a lift… I had no other choice than to go in Domino’s Pizza and ask the guy behind the counter if they deliver to my hotel pizza… The guy said yes sir ma’m but only if the request comes through their call Centre…

I grabbed my phone and called their bloody call center, ordered some pizza and waited… The staff were looking at me like they are not getting it…

The moment they shouted to the delivery guy “ORDER JOHN MARRIOTT HOTEL READY” I followed the delivery guy and went into the front seat next to him… a nice Egyptian guy… He was shocked…

The delivery man was quiet for a minute and then asked me what am I doing… I said: isn’t this pizza for John to be delivered to the Marriott hotel? He said yes. So I took my ID and said: I am John and this Pizza is mine so can we move please.

He was again quiet for couple of minutes… and said: Are you Lebanese? I said yes. He said: “You people are weird!”

We just both laughed for a good 10 minutes until I reached the hotel, gave him a good tip, and went back to my room with a pizza.

What is your reaction when alarm sounds in a movie theater?

What would you think might have happened when alarm sounds in movie theater?

What’s the first reason that comes to your mind? Does it depend on the country you live in?

Does it depend on the kind of government system you are submitted to?

If you lived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria… is a terrorist warning first on your mind? Or this is a hypothetical conjecture: Knowing that alarms are not required or unavailable?

If you live in England would you go “Damned those defective bomb detection devices… (that were found to be (in a London High Court nonetheless) a complete fraud (….)

If you live in Lebanon, would you think that the management of the movie theater had a serious piece of intelligence that a car-bomb might have infiltrated in the parking lot?

It is plausible that a car-bomb was parked, but that management was informed of it is highly doubtful.

So, what a Lebanese might think is the reason for the alarm? Would you surmised that the alarm is to warn you of a possible terrorism attack?

The terrorists are within the walls and had started their horror rampage?

If you were in the USA, would you say “Those fucking warning devices, always a False Alarm…” and you have to submit to the drill, and the police force checking you totally naked, for bombs stuffed in your ass

Yesterday around 10 PM at #CityCenter mall in #Beirut , midway through a screening of #PacificRim , the alarm in the theater sounded for us to evacuate the building.

Samer Karam, CEO and founder of Seeqnce wrote on FB this July 9, 2013:

We casually ignored it for the first few minutes, until it occurred to us that “this is not a drill”. A little panic ensued as people made for the “emergency exits”. One couple almost got stuck in one of the endless unfinished catacombs of the mall.

Once we stepped out of the theater, the security and staff were as helpful as the Three Blind Mice, which led to more panic as moviegoers felt the situation was not under control.

In my mind, high on a litre of Diet Coke, I started fearing a car bomb would go off in the parking lot of the mall. It was not reassuring to know that #CityCenter still uses the same fraudulent bomb detection devices…

I asked one of the security guards posted at the door if we should evacuate the building on foot or should retrieve our vehicles. That’s the first he’d heard of an evacuation, and had no training to deal with such a question.

(Side Note: The mall parking lot car bomb is an exceptionally vivid memory for residents of Brummana.)

A quick coin toss in my head led me to my car which I urgently drove out of the mall and as far away as possible. Just in case.

Then I tweeted.

And posted on Facebook and searched the news outlets, etc…

No mention of the incident. No tweets to reply, no buzz. Nothing. And still nothing this morning.

Which begs the questions:
– Was this a false alarm?
– Or did #CityCenter mall avoid going public in order to avoid losing business?
– How could a Top 3 mall, in size and value, in Lebanon be evacuated in the same week as the Beirut suburbs car bombing, without any mention in the news?

Lack of information breeds mistrust.

City Center Beirut should put out a press release to reassure the evacuated that this was not a bomb scare.




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