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Next Cold War Partition Line for dominion is being drawn…

Posted on: August 24, 2013

The dividing line for power dominion for the next Cold War is being drawn…

The course of the routes for gas pipelines that will feed Europe is the dividing line for the next Cold War.

Syria, Iraq and Iran are within Russia/China dominion, including Turkey, whether Turkey likes it or not, if it insists on maintaining its rate of economic development.

The two major sticking points in the negotiations are Egypt and “what to do with Israel“.

Egypt is meant to be handed over to the US dominion.

However, Egypt would rather be included in the northern sphere of influence of Russia/China, away from the US dominion for several reasons:

1. The liberal policies imposed on Egypt in the last 3 decades have reduced 70 million of Egyptian into poverty. Only the new classes of contractors, estate development, and those who “won” the privatization of State intuitions got wealthy. The army own its private production facilities and privileges..

2. The preconditions on weapon delivery by the US to the Egyptian armies have reduced this army into taking on internal security tasks

3. Israel has proven to be an endemic enemy that refuses Egypt any bright spot in the Arab World and the means to develop economically proportionally to its exploding demographic necessities…

4. The former Soviet Union stood fast with Egypt after military defeats, and kept supplying Egypt with all kinds of facilities to build the Aswan Dam, the irrigation canals, the infrastructure, the weapons on credit… Bartering hardware and weapons with whatever Egypt produced in cotton

And what about Israel? A pseudo Palestinian State is being negotiated, for a short duration and for the form, just to pass the partition deal.

Saudi Arabia obscurantist monarchy is already doomed:

1. The US is no longer willing to wage a war to salvage this crumbling monarchy

2. Oil is a market commodity and any alternative regime will satisfy the market need

3. The US is becoming an exporter of oil and gas

And why the US is cornered into accept a new partition line?

1. The preemptive war on Iraq in 2003 was meant to physically dominate the scene of the gas pipelines and plan and control these projects. It was a complete fiasco, and the US troops had to vacate and leave Iraq under Iran hegemony umbrella.

2. The consequences of the failure of Greater Middle East restructuring initiated the financial crisis of the century of 2008 and

3. The inability of the US to launch another vast preemptive war

4. The oil and gas fields in the Central Asian State Federations are already sold to China and Russia and the pipelines are already connected

5. Germany is supplied directly by Russia via an underwater pipeline in the Baltic Sea

6. Austria and other European States are supplied by Russia via a pipeline under the Black Sea (circumventing Turkey)

7. Italy and other European States are supplied by Russia via a pipeline under the sea connecting Greece to Italy

8. Iran, the potential first producer of gas as the political environment becomes favorable, is to connect its gas pipeline across Syria and then to Greece and to Europe…

9. Syria and Lebanon are floating on gas and ready to export to Europe within a few years

Basically, the power supply of gas will be controlled by Russia and Iran.

Europe is bound to be reliant on Russia and Iran in the next decades.

And the US is to focus its attention on the Far East, across the Pacific Ocean and away from the Old World where only England is a sure ally.

Note: You may my previous post on that topic

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