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A kid “genetically ill”. And written by someone who has no kids…

Posted on: August 28, 2013

A kid “genetically ill”. And written by someone who has no kids…

There is this genetically transmitted disease called Myopathy, a  terminally deadly illness that afflict boys, and transmitted by the mothers.

The kid shows signs of incapacity to control his gripping muscles, holding firmly any object, and does fall down very frequently.

The kids will ultimately be handicapped in a wheelchair and his life expectancy barely exceed 20 of age.

The transmitted disease is acquired through generation of inbred marriages within closed communities, from repeated close relative intermarriages…

That is cause for a lot of blames to be spread around every which way

You blame your God, your community customs and habits,…

You blame ignorance and the failure of medical advances to finding a cure…

You may blame your God for punishing a kid instead of the real guilty and culprit…

You tend to blame your God to attacking a kid so that you are reduced to beg Him for a compassion that  is not of His nature…

A God playing the ultimate in politics game of afflicting your close family members in order to adore Him the harder…

The mother blame her mother and barely feels soothed that the grandmother is apologizing for her responsibilities in the matter…

We should know by now that we were born to die.

There are statistics of life expectancies for each incurable disease, life-style, “race”, genders, age…

There are statistics of life expectancies for every serious disease that is curable too, for every kinds of surgery…

Regardless, if you factor in the many dangers in modern life-style, you may die much earlier than “expected”

If you factor in the increased medical breakthrough whose time has come, you may live a while longer…

Too complicated a life to play the blame game…

If we could learn to display a genuine smile in a state of full joy and contentment… this moment is worth a lifetime of blame spreading to anyone observing you, worth a lifetime away from the long faces…

Do you think people marry in order to consciously increase its own species?

Do you think people marry and beget descendants with the full consciousness of the ultimate truth of death?

I doubt that anything we do or act upon is generated by a conscious awareness of our demise.

All we do and act upon is to please the community, to feel accepted and recognized as a “wise” member who agrees with the community vaster and deeper wise customs…

Pleasing our community is one of the thousand of unconscious orders that we all succumb to, even at very old age…

Note: Written by someone who never married, and who doesn’t have kids. Was it an act of tacit rebellion against obeying community forceful desires?

There are very rare cases where an awesome girl demands the hand of a plain-looking man. I am lucky to have survived that long, so far. Just playing it dumb. though I’m a terrible actor. A dumb face helps in the game.

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