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One-hour Sigheh contract (pleasure marriage): Widely applied in Iran on underage slave girls?

Posted on: September 2, 2013

One hour Sigheh (pleasure marriage): Widely applied in Iran on underage slave girls?

Prostitution in many Islamic countries are religiously codified by adopting Sigheh contracts in the presence of a mullah

In Iran, many poor families literally sell their underage daughters to rich families and merchants in order to save food for their male children.

The merchants make good use of these kid girls, work them to death, and engage them in prostitution business by inviting a rotten mullah to preside and sign on a sigheh contracts for a hour of sex pleasure.

The girl is carried away to a nearby decrepit house, sex is interchanged, and the little girl returns to her routine daily slave tasks.

These countless slave little girls are keeping “legal prostitution” alive and prospering for many parties in Iran and many Islamic countries

Note 1: If prosecuting these sigheh contracts on underage girl is hard to undertake because the girl is underage, maybe if the merchant is made to swear on the Coran that he will refrain from conducting these practices and sign on a written contract… it is possible to prosecute the merchant for falsely swearing under the Coran?

Note 2: It would be highly advisable that human rights associations in Iran launch a campaign in rural Iran. The target would be to educate the municipalities on how the underage slave girls are being used for.

For example, a buyer of a slave girl must be interviewed by the municipality council and made to swear on the Coran that he will not engage in sigheh schemes and sign a written affidavit that he swore on the Coran.

When the girl is adult, no sigheh contract must be carried out without the presence and approval of the parents…

The girl must eat 3 times from the same cooked food of the merchant, and enjoy break times every hour of work…

The parents must swear on the Coran to pay visits to their girls once a month at least, and the girl must have a day off and accompany the parents wherever they go…

A member of the municipal council is to visit the neighborhood of the slave girl and conduct an investigation on how the girl is faring under her “buyer” and whether the contract is fulfilled…

Note 3: Iran is not Taliban of Afghanistan, and civil laws are slowly but surely replacing chari3a laws in many aspects of the civil life: Iran of the Ayatulla had to go through religious dogma in order to strengthen their rule and power, particularly during the protracted  8-year war with Iraq.

It would be nice to know if hanging homosexuals is still practiced, and if the homosexuals are receiving due legal process…

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