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Perception of Morsi and Moslem Brotherhood by Urban Egyptians?

Posted on: September 9, 2013

Perception of Morsi and Moslem Brotherhood by Urban Egyptians?

I usually present various opinions and different perspectives of viewing an event or issue in order for the reader to form his own mind, and end up extending my opinion in a separate article.
I decided to repost the comment with minor editing, particularly that the news media are keeping the upheaval in Egypt under lid, and taking Syria “Chemical weapon strike” as an excuse to diffuse the many calamities spreading in the world.
The comment reads:

“i read some articles of your blog and it’s really smart… however this (above) article confusing me to the core.

In fact I don’t care about this leftofacist nomo choko but i will be really disappointed if this is your opinion… The muslim brotherhood is an islamofacist entity and collaborating with islamofacists worldwide .
1- their supporters openly wave al Qaeda flags and wear bin laden t shirts.
2- Morsy and his lunatic sheikhs and TV channels preached hatred violence toward Egyptian Shiaa Moslems , Egyptian Christians , jews , and all Egyptian people.
3- Morsy bring lunatic salafi wahabi imams from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to preach violence and hatred in the main Egyptian state TV! and all his channels .
4- Morsy and his brotherhood was convicted of treason according to lower Egyptian court when he was in power: he collaborate with islamofacist terrorist international groups “hamas , hizbollah , alqaeda” to kill Egyptian army officers , police officers , and Egyptian citizens … attacking Egyptian jails to free him and his terrorist group.
5- He gave orders to release all convicted islamofacist terrorists from jails .
6- Morsy , his brotherhood and his salafi wahabbi sheykhs openly support the killing of shia muslims and the results were the killing , slaying of 4 Egyptian shia muslim imams in Egypt. It’s the first killing of shia muslims in egypt in the last 1000 years ! I have the video but i don’t want to share it here it’s very graphic very disturbing video of the supporters of morsy killing egyptian shia muslims …(the video was displayed in many channels)
7- His brotherhood accused egyptian christians as “the only force running the opposition parties out of hate to islam ” which is a pure lie and ultra ignorant hate speech by the lunatic bortherhood and their terrorist salafi wahabi supporters. The results was the burning of 40 church and killing of many Egyptian christians.
8-  Morsy and his brotherhood and salafi wahabis condemned the egyptian judges openly and accused them of corruption without any evidence .
9-  Morsy and his brotherhood and his salafi wahabi sheykhs called egyptians who oppose them “infidels kafirs deserve death ” and this lunatic ex president even quote such terrorist jihadi salafi wahabi fatwas on his official FB page!
10- They tailor-made a Constitution out of their own islamofacist beliefs and rejected all others who refused this made up constitution: the constitution was only made for muslim salafi sunnis and deny the rights of christians , bahais , shia and anyone else .

The list of scandals and terrorist islamofacist activities are endless and i can’t write everything here .
i don’t think that smart man like you would support the muslim brotherhood and salafi wahabis…

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