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Old Dad mixing evening with morning: And performing morning routines twice a day…

Posted on: September 16, 2013

Old Dad mixing evening with morning: And performing morning routines twice a day

Usually, the confusion takes place after a long and deep sleep, particularly after siesta time. The confusion as to the time of the day is common place to mother too, after a long siesta, among a varieties of other confusing matters.

Being confused on the day of the week is pretty common among jobless people, worse than being in jail.  As to which day of the month… You better stop asking: Totally irrelevant. We have adopted the weekly calendar when we can’t see the moon.

It is urgent that we rent a military watch and get used to the 24-hour vocabulary.

Dad has been practically “bed ridden” since winter due to lung deficiency: Dad was unable to exhale properly the noxious gazes and the CO2 and other gazes accumulated in his system

This summer, and the warmer seasons, dad was mustering enough energy to get up of bed and use his “Walker” to the nearest WC. Actually, he visit this toilet no less than 48 times a day: He stands for 5 minutes just to urinate a few drops.

Each time I want to use this WC to wash my hands or shave or… dad is there, standing or washing his hands...

A week ago, dad had fever and mother spent most of the night changing cold compresses over his front head.

Dad was not coughing or had diarrhea, otherwise we would suspected pneumonia and would have called the Red Cross to move him to emergency: We are getting quite used to that procedure…

Dad was feeling much better in the morning, though mother insisted that he wears a “couche” because he is weak to move around to the WC.

Dad had a long nap this afternoon and woke up around 6 pm. He felt confused and refused dinner: He wanted his breakfast, coffee and all. Mother obeyed and served him coffee and toast…

Dad enjoyed this situation and over played the game: He wanted to shave one more time…

My brother-in-law came from work and dad blurted out “Why are you going to work in the evening?”

Lately, mother was visiting her sister, our closest neighbor. While there, mother felt the start of diarrhea. She hurried back home, fast walked, ran, and even dabbed into this “unseemly” act of jogging…

She barely made it to the WC. And here dad comes and said:

“Are you in for long?”

“Yes, for a long while”

We have another WC at home, but dad felt that he won’t make it if he makes a move.

But I am about to shit in my pajama…”

Dad was leaning his head on the door, and most probably, the notion “This is a shitty life” was on his mind.

A cavernous sound came from the WC and Mother replied:

“Go ahead a shit in your pajamas…” (Rou7, shekh tahtak)

Mother claimed that this is the first time in her life that she felt half of her remaining life was robbed out from her: Dirtying herself

In the last couple of years I have been preferring the colder seasons: No mosquitoes and I enjoy my sleeping time, tucked tightly in my blankets, and have wider choices of cloths to wear…

Until dad suffered acute lung problems, and cold seasons means that dad is not to leave his bed until the warmer seasons point their noses.

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