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Quotes from “The Woman who resisted”

Posted on: September 17, 2013

Quotes from “The Woman who resisted”

1. We can judge the character of a person by his enterprises… Voltaire

2. There are people whose only mission is to serve as intermediaries. We pass them as bridges and we keep advancing… Gustave Flaubert

3. The real greatness consists of becoming master of ourselves… Daniel Defoe

4. As long as bishops have the courage of girls, girls must acquire the courage of bishops… Jacqueline Pascal

5. Zeus renders crazy the person He wants to lose… Euripides

6. They didn’t know the mission was impossible, and they did it… Mark Twain

7. According to enlightened people, only mediocrity is not exposed to envy… Boccaccio

8. The friend for interest is a swallow on the rooftop… Cervantes

9. Who has no objectives does not risk to fail attaining them… Sun Tzu

10. The anonymous despotism of an oligarchy is more frightening and far harder to overcome than a personal power in the hands of a bandit… Arthur Arnould

Note: From the autobiography of Anne Lauvergeon who lead Areva, the foremost nuclear power plant exporter company in the world, for 10 years and considered more powerful than the French President…

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