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I do love sleeping and lying in bed…

Posted on: September 28, 2013

I do love sleeping and lying in bed…

Those who says “I’ll have more than my share of sleep when I’m dead…” are missing the great stories when you dream and relax in bed.

Those who actually train for not sleeping, or sleeping short naps, do suffer from mental disorders and need to check with their physicians…

When I manage deep sleep periods, my system needs only 6 hours of sleep, including siesta time in the afternoon.

Otherwise, I love to linger in bed before I fall to sleep, forcing a smile on my face, maintaining the smile as long as my unconscious permit it, re-forcing the smile on, learning to disobey a couple of my unconscious orders, observing how my mind wanders, thinking, and taking my time to breath properly, focusing on my exhaling of the noxious gases that the body generates.

All in all, maybe I spend 9 hours in bed daily, including siesta.

I figured out that inhaling comes natural, but exhaling deeply and properly requires frequent conscious daily sessions. Forceful exhalations are best for relaxing your body and mind.

I believe that my bed is the ideal location for quality time, all mine and for my pleasure and privacy.

Obviously, sweet dreams with colorful images and complex sounds and smiling faces and exotic postures… are always welcomed, but I don’t mind nightmarish dreams, horror and unsettling dreams: It is all part of the game and you have got to join the play, if you wish it or not...

Actually, I refrain from joining in plays or games, and feeling forced to dream whatever comes around is sort of learning to join the game…

I do love sleeping and lying in bed.

Loving the bed is an excellent training ground for the occasional illnesses that rivet you in bed for a few days… and letting your positive reflections make the best of this trying period…

I am learning that if you consciously exhale forcefully, most of the physical ailments and uneasiness are resolved or alleviated…

Occasionally, mother wakes me up in catastrophe, like changing the gas canister, an event that occurs when preparing the morning coffee. After satisfying her desires, I revisit my bed in order to wake up properly, according to my well-oiled habit before starting another day…

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