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Quoting the Rapists: 27 Survivors Of Sexual Assault…

Project Unbreakable is an online photography project that aims to “encourage the act of healing through art.”

It Trigger warning for sexual assault.

Rega Jha, a BuzzFeed Staff, posted this September 18, 2013:”27 Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them”

This is Grace Brown, the 21-year-old founder of Project Unbreakable.

Two years ago, Grace began photographing survivors of sexual assault holding up posters on which they quoted their attackers.

Since its founding, the project has showcased over 2,000 survivors’ stories.

The only requirements are that submissions be nameless, and within quotation marks. Below are a few poignant examples.

This image, along with a few others submissions on Project Unbreakable, was featured in an article on The Society Pages, which drew comparisons between the language of sexual assault and the lyrics of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

For more information about Project Unbreakable, visit their website here or watch this video:


A certain poetic Notion of Lebanon: Long gone?

Michel Chiha (1891 1954) wrote in “Face and Presence of Lebanon“:

“Lebanon is sort of a warehouse of cultural and intellectual diversity, a crosscurrent of people and ideas, where conquerors and their conquests came, went, faded away… but where the Lebanese forever remained and endured, steadfast and committed to their ever diverse character.

Lebanon is a meeting place into which people flock and assimilate, regardless of their origins… where varied civilizations drop in on one another, and where bevies of beliefs, languages, and cultural rituals salute each other in solemn veneration

Lebanon is above all a Mediterranean nation, like this sea itself, discerning and sensitive to the stirring music of universal poetry…”

A notion long gone? As the Arabic/Islamic empire started in 635 AC?

Note: Another objective look at the Lebanese communities by a foreigner, 140 years ago




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