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Composite body features and emotions do Not create a citizen…

Posted on: October 3, 2013

Two negative notions do not translate into a positive one...

Composite body parts and emotions do Not create a citizen

Claiming that a Lebanese should have a Phoenician skull, a face from Arabia, a heart from Damascus, a spleen from Byzantium, high cheek bones from Mongolia, a tail from Armenia, a round Cherkess firm sweet ass… All these physical parts and features do not make us a citizen from Lebanon

Claiming that a Lebanese should have the adventurous spirit of the Phoenician for opening up new horizons for trade,  the Chaldean intrepid determination for expansion and occupation, the Canaanean cleverness to settle down and build city-states, the hospitality custom of people lacking the luxury life-style, the rational mind of the Greek… All these romantic attributes do not make us a citizen of Lebanon

Claiming that a Lebanese is the cauldron of 6,000 yeas of the melting of civilizations, the warehouse of cultures, the crossroad of languages… All these poetic and social links of emotional intelligence do not make us a citizen of Lebanon…

Claiming that a Lebanese has this ratio of Phoenician blood, this part of Arabic semen, that portion of western brain size, this doze of Chinese density in synapses… All those racial characteristic do not make us a citizen of Lebanon.

Citizens construct a credible State. A State that regard all its people as full citizens in rights and obligations, regardless of genders, religious sect, main written language, main verbal slang…

Citizens struggle to establishing a credible sustainable State that cater for the well-being of all its citizens and  preserve the acquired entitled rights to all, regardless of genders, religious affiliation, wealth conditions, tribal mythical origins…

Citizens who decline the orders of warlords and traditional politicians to go to the streets in order to demonstrate the “on the ground power” of those monsters to preserve their financial and political bases…

Citizens who demand that women gain the full citizenship rights to offer citizenship to their foreign husbands and children…

Citizens who demand that individual status records (birth, marriage,,,) be the prerogative of the State and not the rights of 19 recognized religious sects…

Citizens who demand that civil marriage be a founding block for the unity of the citizens

Citizens who demand that the government dare have regular census (Lebanon didn’t have a census since 1935, during the French mandate)

Citizens that pressure the government to conduct referendum on critical issues that Lebanese are divided on…

Citizens who demand that public schools be funded properly so that every child get an education

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