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Maps Mocking National US Stereotypes: 31 maps around the world…

Infographical maps to represent data are not new, until London-based designer Yanko Tsvetkov, through his site, has taken this common form in a new direction.

The site released a series of both funny and thought-provoking prejudice maps. Instead of displaying political borders or statistics, Yanko maps make tongue-in-cheek representations of social, cultural and political stereotypes (idiosyncratic first reactions) .

The stereotype maps label nations and geographical regions by the stereotypes through which they are perceived by the map’s primary subject.

The labels Tsvetkov uses touch on everything from political concerns, like the development of the European Union, to cultural stereotypes, like the Helleno-centric view that Greece gave Europe its culture. The U.S.A’s map labels Russia as a communist stronghold, while Britain’s map labels Ireland as an island full of rascals.

Bored Panda posted31 Maps Mocking National Stereotypes Around the World

Possibly the best part about the maps is that the labels pull no punches. You’ll get a good laugh from some of the funnier maps and labels, like the map of the world according to Silvio Berlusconi, in which the nations are labeled by the type of women one can find there.

Designer Yanko Tsvetkov, the man behind, has received international acclaim for his clever maps, which have garnered millions of views.

His maps are worth looking at no matter where you’re from. You might learn a thing or two.


What singer Xriss Jor has to do with Lebanon, Dubai Music Week, and Quincy Jones?

A jury that consisted of Timbaland and Will.i.Am chose Lebanese Xriss Jor as the winner of the talent part at the Dubai Music Festival. Xriss performed Listen by Beyonce. As a result, Jor will sign a record deal contract with Sony Music and producer Quincy Jones, who has worked previously with Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra.

She will get a single and a music video out of this.

Lebanese Xriss Jor Wins At Dubai Music Week, Signs Recording Contract With Quincy Jones

Xriss Jor Dubai Music Week

Xriss was competing with Emirati singer Hamdan Al Abri, Dubai-based Lebanese band Jay Wud, Lebanese singer DD Fox and Sudanese R&B singer Nile.

I figured her name was familiar so I looked into her some more and it transpired that she was a contestant on The Voice and managed to reach the later stages of the show before being disqualified in the 1/4 finals.

Those talent show contestants keep going at it until they hit the jackpot apparently.

Another batch will find its way to the spotlight tonight with the re-launching of Star Academy.

This seems to be Xriss Jor’s most popular performance on The Voice:

And this is the version of Listen that I was able to find:

Dubai is all about music these days.

Another Lebanese band is participating in another music event taking place there.

Make sure you head to Pepsi Band Slam and support Adonis (Funny, my name just keeps popping up everywhere and in every industry)

Note: Got this link from Tania Saleh on FB “GOOSE BUMPS ALL THE WAY!!!!!WHAT AN AMAZING LEBANESE VOICE!!!!

The truth about the war for talent

It’s more of a skirmish, actually.

Plenty of recruiters and those in HR like to talk about engaging in a war for talent…

To be truthful, most of it is about finding good enough people at an acceptable rate of pay. Filling slots.

Seth Godin posted this Sept. 18, 2013 “The truth about the war for talent”

“More relevant and urgent is that it’s not really a search for talent. It’s a search for attitude.

There are a few jobs where straight up skills are all we ask for. Perhaps in the first violinist in a string quartet.

In fact, even there, what actually separates winners from losers isn’t talent, it’s attitude.

And yes, we ought to be having a war for attitude.

An organization filled with honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical and driven people will always defeat the one that merely has talent. Every time.

The best news is that attitude is a choice, and it’s available to all.

You can probably win the war for attitude with the people you’ve already got.

And if you’re looking for a gig, you’ll discover that honing and sharing your attitude goes a lot farther than practicing the violin all day”.

End of quote.

Seth is demanding one attitude too many to be selected. And simply claiming that “attitude is a choice” as if the environment where you grew up is a secondary factor for shaping your set of attitudes.

Finding a candidate who is  honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical and driven is not within the realm of possibility.

The impression is that all these attitudes are logically correlated, kind if you got one the remaining attitudes come naturally…

I think that many of these attitudes are not even correlated and are independent from one another.

The attitude of experimenting requires  learning, training and application. Having an experimental mind is a process of studying how experiments are conceived,  thought out, prepared, controlled from biases and confounding variables, and run according to a protocol… And you have got to get your “hands dirty” doing one thorough experiment in order to digest the complexity of conducting an experiment.

The attitudes of being connected, ethical and drive require proper environment, family, school, community, and peers to pull off the hard habit for retaining and sustaining these attitude.

My impression is that these attitudes are mostly in the realm of elite class who can afford to be connected, ethical and driven…

The attitude of learning, particularly continuing education and studying different fields as time change requires a system that offer opportunities to learning at affordable cost and facilities not to waste unnecessary years on courses that are not essential…

Finding a candidate who is  honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical and driven is necessarily confining the search to the elite class.

And what is to be done with the majority of people who have a talent? Even the rudiment of a talent so that the working environment will increase and promote their talents?

What of opening opportunities that fit talents that companies “for profit” have no use of?




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