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Another Flowchart: Are you reflecting which religion you must subscribe to?

Posted on: October 15, 2013

Another Flowchart: Are you reflecting which religion you must subscribe to?

To obey or disobey dogma, doctrines, abstract notions and daily practices…?

Do you really want to become religious?

What’s going wrong in your mind? Feeling emotionally distressed?

In case you want to become religious... Here is some help in deciding the faith you want to join ;) Disciple submitted. @[361634387297775:274:Emo Jesus]
Would that flowchart help you decide the faith you want to join?
I personally do not mind that people worship a few Gods, let’s say about half a dozen, corresponding to main mankind’s desires and wants, and letting the sun, moon, galaxies, seasons… represent and give flesh to these wants. 
Don’t ask me if I believe in any God: This none of your business… And you should not ask this question in order to keep the peace and security prevalent among communities…
I noticed that the less the number of Gods, the greater the calamities experienced by mankind.
The worst alternative is reducing the number of Gods to Just One.  And this One reverts to multiple, since every community claims that his unique God is not the same that other community claim and worship…
The alternative of worshiping two Gods, a dichotomy of opposites in attributes, is very logical to mankind: This is how mankind is trained to think and rationalize in most discipline…
Disciple submitted. Emo Jesus

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