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A primitive tribe in the Amazon: Taking a good look at our civilization via a video

Posted on: December 12, 2013

A primitive tribe in the Amazon: Taking a good look at our civilization

The members of this tribe were asked to comment on what they are seeing in the video…

The video is in French and I will provide short answers of the tribe on the events:

1. Mankind stepping on the Moon: The moon is to light earth at night. What man has to do there?

2. Modern war, tanks, canons, burning of of entire towns: When a tribe kidnaps one of our members, we react by kidnapping one of theirs. A reaction of the same kind and level of violence. There were tribes that ate people when hungry, but they disappeared. We cannot conceive of such level of violence…

3. On the Twin Tower crumbling down: How can people kill people they never met or know?

4. The youth recognized Michael Jackson

5. All were moved when listening to Maria Callas singing a romantic opera piece: They didn’t need to understand the lyrics…

6. The forest has all kinds of natural medicines, including for aborting

7. The tribe don’t kiss on the mouth or any other places: They touch and feel. If the partner is not willing, all that is needed is to push away the suitor….

What do you think? Is it a lesson in humility?


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1 Response to "A primitive tribe in the Amazon: Taking a good look at our civilization via a video"

The tribesmen reflect a time when things were pure and a time when you don’t take more than you need. They display a richness of thought and wisdom when wonder why people hurt others that never did anything to them. We weren’t made to b the greedy all consuming human race we are today. I watch them and realise, we never gained anything through the technological abuse of our planet and wars on our fellow man. I conclude that they don’t miss anything we have or conquered, what really striked me is that they know Michael Jackson. Wow, I can’t get my head around that. Peace to these people.

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