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Sick From Being Cold? Is this a virus or a weakened immune system?

We’ve all been nagged by elderly parents about staying warm in the winter: “You don’t want to catch cold!”

Is that old saying absurd?

Medical research tell us that colds are only caused by viruses, right?

In warmer seasons, we have flies, mosquitoes, pollen… transferring all kinds of viruses and bacteria. And we sleep bad, we breath with difficulty, and fail to recover from any kinds of exhaustion

Yet, why do we feel that we fall sicker in cold seasons rather than in warmer ones?

Getting sick in warm seasons catches the mind because we suffocate and we miss out on the outdoor opportunity. In winter, we are tucked in our warm bed and have an excellent excuse not to confront the cold weather, the slush, the dirty snowy streets, the brutal wind…

Can we suspect that dry weather contributes greatly to weakening the immune system?

Or dry weather turns viruses more virulent and aggressive?

Most probably, it is the dried up mucus (in noses, mouth, larynx…), our first and most efficient front-line defenses against the intrusion of particles in our system that facilitate the incursion of unwanted sickening elements… Possibly, many kinds of cells also perish in dried environment…

Actually, I mostly feel uncomfortable in air-conditioned environment and tend to catch cold as this prolonged dried up internal climate persist in close work environment… And I don’t believe that adding humidifiers can make a qualitative difference in prolonged dried environment.

I believe that close entrapment in crowded areas during the cold season and the lack of opportunity to exercise in the fresh air contribute to the dissemination of viruses and bacteria.

The weakened immune system in that season, exacerbated by anxiety and depression from lack of adequate natural light, permit the viruses to invade deeper our system.

Well, it’s complicated.

ASHLEY FEINBERG posted this Jan. 2014 on GIZMODO

It’s not necessarily the cold itself that gets you sick; it’s all the different aspects of winter weather as a whole (dryness, lack of sunlight, etc.) that combine to make the perfect storm of prime cold conditions.

However, that doesn’t mean a drop in temperature doesn’t contribute at all.

Watch the full video from ASAP Science above to found out how, and stay bundled up out there—winter’s only just begun. [ASAP Science]

Man Still Trying To Find Right Work-Anxiety–Life-Anxiety Balance

Lamenting that there are only so many hours in the day to devote to his various stresses…

Local Epione Medical Instruments sales manager and father of two Dale Humphrey (38) told reporters Friday that he continues to have difficulty striking a proper work-anxiety–life-anxiety balance.

The Onion posted this Oct.25,  2013

FORT WAYNE, IN “It seems like I’m always so busy dwelling on the countless dilemmas that come up in the office that I barely have any time to stress over the problems facing me at home.”

Noting that the demands of worrying about work leave him precious little time to worry about his family, health, and finances.

“I mean, most weekdays I’ll stay late agonizing over whether I’ll be able to meet my quarterly sales target, so when I get home I barely have enough energy to obsess over whether we’re saving enough to put Ryan and Jessica through college.”

Humphrey is desperately trying to find that perfect balance between stressing out about work and stressing out about the rest of his life.

“I just wish I had the time to freak out about both my job and my personal life without feeling like I’m neglecting the other,” Humphrey added.

Explaining that he has been unable to maintain a proper harmony between the ceaseless, nerve-racking anxieties plaguing his work and home life for many years now, Humphrey admitted that when choosing between tormenting himself with workplace uncertainties or the numerous difficulties facing him outside the office, he almost always chooses torturing himself with work.

Specifically, Humphrey said his concerns about his workload, the recent loss of one of Epione’s biggest clients, increased competition in the medical devices sector, and a looming wave of job cuts frequently force him to shortchange such sources of domestic unrest as his strained relationship with his children, his inability to refinance his home, his poor cholesterol, and the recent lack of intimacy between himself and his wife.

Humphrey told reporters that he dreams of the day when he has a 50/50 work-anxiety–life-anxiety balance, but said he’s so consumed with work putting him on edge that he just doesn’t think it’s possible.

“Even when I do have a wide-open weekend to just kick back and worry about my parents’ deteriorating health, most of the time I’ll feel guilty that I’m not stressing over our company’s budget shortfall

Humphrey said that he can’t even remember the last time he was able to have a panic attack about his insurmountable personal debt without his work-related doubts intruding on his thoughts.

“Last summer we went camping, and rather than spend the week wondering about whether we could even afford a family vacation in the first place, I couldn’t stop poring over my past emails to my boss to make sure I hadn’t said anything that would offend him.”

“That’s just no way to live,” Humphrey continued.

While Humphrey said that his inability to maintain an anxiety-filled equilibrium in his professional and personal spheres was a source of frustration, he emphasized that he has made a conscious effort to fit both types of angst into his busy schedule.

“Even though I’m usually pretty swamped at work, sometimes I’ll just take 15 minutes out of my lunch break to lie down and obsess over my brother’s constant requests to borrow money. It’s not much, but when you fret over work as much as I do, it’s important to carve out a little time to freak out about your personal life whenever you can.”

Note: That’s a good description of one type of challenged personality




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