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Is your published novel worth the tree chopped for you? And Dany Laferriere. Part 1.

Posted on: January 17, 2014

Is your novel worth the tree chopped for you? Part 1

A few quotes from the French book “Journal of a writer in pajama” by Dany Laferriere.

You have no idea the energy contained in a first novel. It would be beneficial to read many first novels and capture the catalytic drive in order to finish your first novel…

It is almost impossible to finish a novel until you start on the next one. Paradoxically, this closure is difficult since the discouragement on your new novel reverts you to the previous unfinished novel…

You cannot become a good writer if you persist on protecting your mother… (Good writers spread their wings after the passing away of their mothers?)

You always have this choice: Read a good book or write a bad one

When discouraged that all has been said, mind you that all has not been read, particularly you book in progress

A new theme becomes personal when obsessed with

An author suffering from “writer’s block” tends to define “writing”

Too much energy drives you to walk the streets. Too little energy and you won’t leave the bed. Mind to dose the level of energy needed to resume writing…

We are experiencing one war too many, and far lesser “war novels”

Are you in the mood of talking about death? Make one of your characters board the train heading to the war front.

The real literary material is the first person you meet in the street. Stop wasting your time to rediscover yourself

The narrator resembles you. It’s an error to believe that the author is talking about you.

Adding “He said” in a dialogue means that you failed to properly describe and blend the characteristics of the person in the dialogue

Keep writing till the fear disappear. A good author never cease fearing.

Mind you that “silence” is a language. Learn to include silence in your novel and convey it.

Note: Dany Laferriere was born in Haiti in 1953. He published many books, including “Vers le Sud, 2006″ (Southbound), “Enigme du retour, 2009)” (Enigma of the Return) and “Tout bouge autour de moi” (All move around me)

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