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Stats of 2013: Annual Adonis49 blog in review

Posted on: February 7, 2014

Stats of 2013: Annual Adonis49 blog in review

WordPress. com failed to post its Helper-Monkeys Stats of 2013. Why?

1. Is it because the number of bloggers increased “exponentially” and the staff has more important responsibilities to tend to?

2. The algorithm of the Helper-Monkeys Stats was not designed to handle so many bloggers?

3. No one in the staff could come up with a new imaginative design for displaying the Stats?

4. Has it occurred to the staff that it is not necessary to forward Helper-Monkeys Stats to every bloggers? Best to encourage the new comers in the block and congratulate those who have been consistent, reliable and versatile bloggers through the years?

In any case, I decided to compare the achievement of this year with the previous year.

If you care to peruse the annual report of 2012 in its entirety, read

In 2012, this blog was viewed 91,000 times with an accumulated number of hits of 190,000 since Sept. 16, 2008.  This year registered a total of 325,000, or an average increase of 30 hits per day.

In 2012, there were 715 new posts (50 more than in 2011),  for a total of a 3,250 posts. This year witnessed a total of 4050 posts, a slight increase from 2012.

Actually, I could increase tremendously the number of posts, but I would rather not overwhelm my readers with more than 2 posts a day, or 3 at most.

I have over 20 pages of draft titles in the pipeline and I doubt that it will ever diminish at this pace.

This year I decided to update the articles of 2008 and 2009 in order to add relevant tags and allocate them in the proper categories that had increased to 45 since then.

For example, the category “Poetry” contains translated poems and subjects relevant to poetry. “Poems Mine” is reserved to my poems.

My plan is to sort out the Short Stories, those translated and mine

(Mind you that my blog is about words and not pictures, but I do re-post articles with pictures)

I translate what I read in French and Arabic into English, and I appreciate links to well-developed articles that I comment on, edit, update and add to them.

The USA has still the lion share of about 30% of readers, followed by the English-speaking countries such as Canada, England, India…

Lebanon is picking up and is among the first 5 countries.

So far, the blog is read my almost every recognized State, except a few such as China: I should double check for this year.

The dedicated subscribers increased 10 folds this year.

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