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Terrorists hit for the 7th time in 2 months: Targeting an orphenage? 5 killed and 125 injured chiuldren

Posted on: February 20, 2014

Terrorists hit for the 7th time in 2 months: Targeting an orphanage? 5 killed and over 125 injured
Two car explosions, actuated simultaneously, 100 meters apart, shook the Bir Hassan neighborhood in Beirut at around 9: 20 am, the peak time for people to assemble near this strategic square on the highway leading to Beirut and to the south.
One suicide bomber exploded his car near the Iranian Cultural Center and the other one near an orphanage caring for handicapped children and hosting a kindergarten.

Every bombing, everyone goes frantic and checks up on their loved ones..

And people wonder why Lebanon is one of the highest countries in consuming anti-anxiety medication.

Even ministers, who lately wouldn’t condemn the terrorist activities, and visited the scene had wet eyes and claimed that Terrorist factions have no “place in Lebanon”
Most of the injured were children and toddlers and they are suffering traumatic shocks.
Apparently, the terrorists wanted to deny the kids their Heavenly corner “There should be no Heaven on Earth?”
A Lebanese soldier carries a wounded child from the orphanage.
هذا هو بكل بساطة... جيش وطني لبنان!
Apparently, it is the same terrorist group of Abdullah Azzam that tweeted its responsibility. This group wants the liberation of all the terrorists in custody.
‎منفذية صور‎'s photo.
‎منفذية صور‎'s photo.
‎منفذية صور‎'s photo.
Note: I have posted many articles on the various car explosions in Lebanon, from Beirut, Dahia, Hermel… This link is a starter

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