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Info-graphic On Suicide Bombings in Lebanon. And Frontline Documentary in Syria

Posted on: March 9, 2014

Info-graphic On Suicide Bombings in Lebanon. And Frontline Documentary in Syria
A link from Andrew Bossone on FB
On this edition of Media on the MarginsMalihe Razazan speaks with Syrian-born Frontline correspondent Muhammad Ali about his most recent reporting trip from the town of al-Atārib near Aleppo in northern Syria, which is the subject of his Frontline documentary, “Syria’s Second Front.”
Since the start of the uprising in 2011, Ali, a 32-year-old Damascus native, has been to Syira on assignment 13 times.
He called his latest trip “a suicide mission.” According to an annual report from the Committee to Protect JournalistsSyria remained the most deadly place for journalists on the job in 2013.
The Associated Press reports that 30 journalists have been kidnapped or gone missing since April of last year.
Media on the Margins” is a regular Jadaliyya program dedicated to the stories behind the news, on the fault-lines of journalism and the fringes of public discourse.
In each episode, Malihe Razazan, the winner of the Society for Professional Journalists’ 2012 Community Journalism Award, speaks to reporters, editors, citizen journalists, and photographers to unpack their craft, interrogate their work, and uncover how the news comes to represent the world.
The show shines a spotlight on stories missed, ignored, and omitted as well as the people who tell them. “Media on the Margins” is where “journalism grapples with journalism.” Click to watch the documentary in its entirety on PBS. 

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