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Nude dancing in Louvre Museum Square: Proud “Arab” women atheists?

Posted on: March 10, 2014

Proud Arab/Moslem women atheists?

A number of Arab and Iranian women staged an unusual protest in the Louvre Art Museum’s Square to call for equality and secularism on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Arab, Iranian women protest naked in Paris

Waleed Al-Husseini posted this March 8, 2014
Maryam Namazie cut out Allah from the flag of Iran Islamic regime
Tunisian activist Amina sboui, Egyptian Alia al-Mahdi, Iranian Maryam Namazia and five other Arab and Iranian women demonstrated fully naked and called, in French, for freedom, equality and secularism.
End sex apartheid
Follow the arrow: Your Honor is there.
I am terrified at the Islamists’ behavior

First Palestinian flashmob- women’s international day

3 Responses to "Nude dancing in Louvre Museum Square: Proud “Arab” women atheists?"

The systematic wearing of clothes for women increases the lusts of men. For example, in the cold reaches of Scandinavia, where people must cover or freeze, the Vikings lusted so that they would sail thousand of miles as far away as Canada or Italy to get their Rape on. Same goes for the men of the Ummah.

we lust for the mystery and the unknown?

Canada, Iceland, Groeland, Scotland…? Not likely to see naked women in winter time. As bad as Denmark and Norway. Maybe ransacking Paris had a sexual purpose?

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