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Re-Creating a “cohort” of Neanderthal species: It is feasible, but Why?

Our current human species is uniform. The mono-culture is source of extinction when facing worldwide epidemics and a serious degradation in climatic changes.

Consequently, re-introducing a former species that was wiped out 30,000 years ago might regulate the survival of mankind.

It appears that the Neanderthal species had a larger brain (but we are not sure if the network of his synapses was complex enough to match this current species).

A skeletal, up to one million years old, can be useful for the re-introduction of a lost species.

Scientist George Church (58 of age)  would recuperate the DNA to submit it to the sequencing of its genome.

The genome is later cut into 10,000 fragment to be synthesized.

These synthetic fragments are introduced in a stump cell. By repeating the operation as often as necessary, the descendants are generated from the stump cells.

These cells will be inserted in the uterus to develop.

Et voila! Neanderthal species coming back to live among us and protect mankind from a potential extinction.

Church is a pioneer in synthetic biology, a discipline trying to unite complex systems which function Not necessarily according with existing ones in Nature.

In the 1980’s, this professor in Harvard was at the origin of the Human Genome Project, the decryption of DNA of human body.

Church explains:

“All the information in the world (about 1.8 zettabit) can be stored in 4 grams of DNA. The DNA storage can resist desert climate for 400,000 years.

The scientists of Boston are using an decryption archive system that needs no cells to work, and a coding system that enables the location of the DNA extract in the files.

Thus, strong with the availability of DNA sequencer and a computer, the files could be read.

A mother chimpanzee could be substituted in the cloning process.

A long journey to learn the evolution of the Past.

Note: Mankind relationship with Nature

A great ‪#‎cartoon‬ capturing the cruelty of man and our morbid reality:

An animation showing a man in a relationship with nature.
Shocking but plausible with an ending that does justice.

Why you should fall in love with your clients?

William Choukeir posted this April 8, 2014

jay tells a story and a priceless lesson…

one evening, not able to sleep, he goes into the lobby of a hotel lounge. across the room from him, he spots one man having a drink by himself. being a lover of people, jay approaches the man, and introduces himself.

he only provides two pieces of information. ‘my name is jay abraham.’ ‘i’m here on business.’ he then proceeds to ask the man about his name, and why he’s here.

turns out the man is here for a conference. he sells population control plans to governments. jay proceeds to ask him what population control is, what the process is, how does he approach governments, what the plan looks like.

jay then switches conversation about where the man is from, how it’s like to live there, his wife and children, the school system.

And jay resume the conversation about this new acquaintance hobbies and past time.

an hour and a half later, tired, jay excuses himself and walks towards the elevator having only told the man his name and that he’s here on business.

before jay reaches the elevator the man shouts out to him: ‘hold on!’ he paces towards jay. ‘i just have to say that you are the most interesting person i’ve met during the past 5 years.’

standing by himself on the elevator door, jay realizes something big.

to be the most interesting person, you have to be the most interested in persons.
to have your clients fall in love with you, you have to fall in love with them.

there’s one mindset that you can change, that by itself will transform the way you do business. jay calls this the strategy of preeminence.

all you have to do is genuinely believe that it’s your obligation to fight for the best interest of your clients, and then act on that obligation forever. yes forever.

because this only works if you’re in it for the long run, just like your clients are in it for the long run.

once you’ve fallen in love with your clients, then your clients will see you as their most trusted adviser.

they will only want to do business with you.

if you do this from day one, way before any money exchanges hands, then it’s inevitable that one day money will change hands.

love can drive business.

Comment: Possibly, Jay Abraham failed to expound on his story.

Most probably, Jay didn’t machine-gun his acquaintance with all these questions, and he took his time to listen carefully to each “piece of intelligence” and asked for more details.

Most probably, Jay considered the acquaintance to be smart enough and will expect reciprocation in information of the same kinds.

Most probably, Jay didn’t provide just two pieces of information, otherwise he wouldn’t be such an “interesting person

If you are not willing to be forthcoming, at least have a scenario ready to respond to the new acquaintance’s curiosity.

In any case, asking questions to know the “pedigree” of a person is not necessarily a basis to “falling in love” with the person.

War criminal posting his candidature to the Presidency of Lebanon: And this is Not the main topic

Samir Ga3gea, the “historically elected” leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces, and who served 11 years in a secluded prison for terrorist activities and assassination of political leaders, has officially submitted his candidacy to the Presidency of Lebanon.

Samir is not the only criminal who submitted his candidacy and was elected.

Late Beshir Gemayel was elected president in 1982 under the Israeli occupation of Beirut. And Beshir is many fold a worse war criminal during the civil war than Samir. And Bashir was a confirmed traitor who blatantly and frequently visited Israel and formally demanded the aid of Israel to occupy Lebanon.

Before Beshir, another criminal was President of Lebanon: the late Suleiman Franjieh (grandad of current Suleiman Franjieh) massacred over 40 people in a church in the 1950’s. He was elected by a single majority vote against a clean and honest candidate.

This post is not meant to delve into details of war crimes in Lebanon, and the list is long for every war lord of each religious sect, such as the current Parliament Chairman Nabih Berry, the Druze leader Walid Jumblat…

The topic of this article is “what could have happened if Beshir Gemayel was not assassinated in September 14, 1982, a single day before the official ceremony inducting him as president of the Republic of Lebanon?”

What if he governed for at least a year before being assassinated?


1. Israel would not have entered West Beirut

2. The genocide in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Chatila would have taken place

3. Israel would have retreated to the 40 km “buffer zone” in the south, far quicker than it did, after the fighters of the Palestinian Resistance Movement (PLO) were evacuated from Lebanon.

4. The massacres in the Chouf province between the Christians and the Druze would not have happened (Samir Geaja and his militias (The Lebanese Forces) entered the Chouf at the instigation of Israel)

4. The massacres in East Saida between the Christians and the Sunnis would have been spared (Samir Geaja militias entered the Saida province at the instigation of Israel)

5. The thousands of new Christian refugees to the Christian canton would not have fled their towns and villages

6. The division of Lebanon into sectarian cantons would have been slower in the formation

7. The regular army would have assisted the UN forces in the south and the militias associated with Israel would have been disbanded.

8. A “peace treaty” with Israel would have been ratified with better terms than what was written during Amine Gemayel tenure and which failed to be ratified.

9. The Syrian troops would have stayed in the Bekaa Valley and refrained from approaching Beirut.

10. The sieges and massacres perpetrated against the Palestinian camps by the Amal militias of Nabih Berry (instigated by Syria) would have been delayed, at best.

11. The civil war would have taken another turn and saved Lebanon further deeper chasm among the sectarian forces

12. The Druze militias of Walid Jumblat would not have invested Mazra3a in Beirut with their tanks

13. Amine Gemayel would not have been elected president and the Lebanese currency would not have devalued quickly to 1,500 times less

14. The second largest city of Tripoli would not have turned extremist Islamist, and the secular parties of the Communists and Syrian National Social would have stronger presence in that city

15. Yasser Arafat might not have returned to Tripoli and re-armed the Palestinian camps and cause thousands to be killed during two months of siege.

16. And most likely Samir Geaja would not have ended up leader of the Lebanese Forces militia and left trails of calamities for the Christian population everywhere he got engaged militarily

In hindsight, which governments or political organizations were behind the planning of the assassination of Bashir Gemayel? Israel, Syria, the Palestinian Resistance, any of the Lebanese resistance factions…

Mind you that Islamic Iran was engaged in a protracted war with Iraq of Saddam Hussein that lasted 9 long years of savage fighting.  The cease fire for that war was decided by Ayatolla Khomeini as he learned that he had a few months to live: He decided to extend a survival breathing space for his Islamic regime that was on the verge of collapse.

Question: Would Hezbollah be created?


1. Hezbollah would have been instituted simply because the question of Palestine opens the door wide to Islamist Iran to tamper with our internal affairs. The peace treaty would have been an excellent excuse to rally the Shiaa around Iran positions.

2. The frequent tampering of Israel in South Lebanon would have inevitably alienated the Shiaa against the Israeli occupiers.




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