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Travel Junkie Diary: Jalal Jamal BinThaneya

Jalal BinThaneya graduated with a degree in Human Resources and Business studies. He joined DPworld in 2010 and worked in the various departments within human resources and is currently working at the ports terminal operations area.

That is only part of his life. His real life is his dedication and purpose and he just cannot wait to be back on the road where he belongs. We learned about his purpose when he was on the road. His feelings were out in the open, his battles and his triumphs. He made it. For a purpose.

Jalal Jamal BinThaneya posted  this April 18, 2014 in LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES / TRAVEL JUNKIE DIARY 

Weird manias in the USA. Do Americans Realize their kinds of Weirdness?

Posted this April 12, 2014




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