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Suffering from one of these Symptoms of Normalization?

Posted on: April 23, 2014

Suffering from one of these Symptoms?

Are Car Explosions becoming the norm in Lebanon, as in Iraq?

Already 3 car bombs, Kamikaze style, were witnessed this month of the year.

Haidar Eid posted on FB this Jan. 22, 2014:
Symptoms of Normalization:
1- You start feeling “fed up” with the “conflict” between the “2 sides” (Coalitions of March 8 and 14)
2- You start believing that it all began in 1967
3- You start defending the idea of “dialogue between the “2 parties”
4- You blame “extremists” on “both sides,” especially Palestinian and (Syrian) “terrorists”
5- You keep repeating: “both parties are to blame for the ongoing bloodshed
6- You keep saying/parroting: “both peoples are suffering and this has to come to an end
7- You become more pragmatic about the Right of Return of Palestinians, Syrians… which becomes “impossible to implement
8- You start thinking that the best way to resolve the refugees’ dilemma (Syrians and Palestinians) is by finding “an agreed upon” solution
9- “Partition,” for you, becomes THE solution; 2 states for 2 peoples based on their ethno-religious backgrounds.
For example, 77% of Palestine for Israeli Jews, and the rest is negotiable.
10- You start getting the attention of CNN, BBC, possibly Fox News, NY Times, Washington Post if you suffer from the above symptoms, in addition to becoming dim-witted and patronizing at the same time, do not panic.
It can be treated.
Any other normalizing symptoms you feel subjected to?
Call the nearest BDS group IMMEDIATELY.

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