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Insufferable FB complaints

Types of insufferable people on FB

This time you read in French. Via DD

Les 16 types de personnes les plus insupportables sur Facebook

1. Les gens qui se plaignent de ne pas aller bien dans leur statut…
2. … Puis qui prétendent ne pas vouloir en parler lorsqu’on leur demande pourquoi.
3. Les gens qui écrivent des trucs du genre « Putain c’est lourd toutes ces soirées, j’ai pas le temps de souffler. »
4. Les gens qui partent en mission dans un pays du Tiers Monde et inondent votre timeline d’une centaine de photos d’eux avec des locaux.
5. Les nouveaux parents qui partagent chaque étape de la vie de bébé sur Facebook.
6. Les gens qui partagent des citations pseudos profondes sur la vie, la mort, l’amour et tout le reste.
7. Les gens qui partagent des chaînes.
8. Les « amis » qui ne vous parlent jamais, sauf pour vous demander un service.
9. Les gens qui ont une opinion sur TOUT et qui veulent vraiment la partager avec TOUT LE MONDE.
10. Les amateurs de l’auto-promo.
11. Les narcissiques qui publient quatre selfies par jour.
12. Les amoureux des animaux qui s’extasient devant chaque merde de leur chien.
13. Les fans de Jésus, Coehlo, Rumi, et autres pensées positives
14. Les grands sportifs.
15. Les gens qui postent des photos de leur bouffe.
16. Et les gens qui ont une vie parfaite et qui veulent absolument vous le faire savoir.

Marie Telling

And what else can you post on FB?

I posts my articles and share good ones.

Embrace boundaries: you can’t handle otherwise

Two kinds of busy

When I’m giving a speech, I don’t have the ability to squeeze in a phone call, think about what’s for dinner or plan tomorrow’s meeting. I’m doing one thing, and it’s taking everything I’ve got. So yes, I’m busy, all in.

On the other hand, we all are familiar with the other kind of busy, the busy of feeding one kid while listening to see if the other is still napping, while emptying the groceries, checking email and generally keeping the world on its axis.

I have two suggestions:

a. if you’re used to being one kind of busy, try the other one out for a change. You might find it suits you.


b. if what you’re doing isn’t working, if you’re not excelling at what you set out to do or not getting the results you seek, it might be because you’re confused about what sort of busy is going to get you there…

Embracing boundaries

One of the most popular home computers ever made was the Commodore 64.

The “64” was the amount of memory it had–not 64 gigs, nor 64 megs, but 64k. If it were available today, it would be a little like being a toothpick vendor at a lumberjack convention.

The thing is, the amount of available memory was right there, in the name of the machine.

All the people who developed for the machine knew exactly how much memory it had.

Any time a developer whined or made excuses about how little memory there was, he was telling us something we already knew, making excuses where no excuses were needed or welcomed.

With unlimited time, unlimited money and unlimited resources, of course you might do something differently.

But your project is defined by the limitations and boundaries that are in place when you set out to accomplish something.

You build something remarkable because of the boundaries, not without them.

“You can buy this from anyone, and we’re anyone”

That’s not going to get you very far when you sell stuff, raise money, look for a job…

What if instead, you created a reputation as the person or organization that can honestly say, “you can’t get this from anyone but me?”




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