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Assault on Gaza continues: Devastations In pictures

Posted on: July 13, 2014


Assault on Gaza continues: Devastation In pictures

1,200 air strikes on Gaza left 160 dead and way over 1,ooo Palestinian injured

for the 6th day of bombing.

Half these victims are women and children.

Hospitals and institutions for the handicapped have been targeted.

Five Mosques were targeted just as the worshipers were crowding the place.

Fares Gemayel shared this picture:

خبر وتعليق
اجتماع عاجل لوزراء الخارجية العرب حول الوضع في غزة الاثنينnslation

‎خبر وتعليق
اجتماع عاجل لوزراء الخارجية العرب حول الوضع في غزة الاثنين
تعليق: بكير لشو مستعجلين؟ كنتو نطروا ليخلص المجرم عملتو وما يخلي بشر ولا حجر فوق حجر.  الله يعين شعبنا عليكن‎

 posted this 11 Jul 2014 

Gaza City – The barrage of Israeli air strikes has continued over the Gaza Strip as efforts to end the upsurge of violence have so far proven unsuccessful.

Palestinians across the besieged territory have struggled to find a safe place, as the United Nations estimates that at least 342 housing units have been destroyed, and at least 2,000 Palestinians displaced, in the bombardment.

Scores of Palestinian women and children have been injured in the bombings. Local hospitals are struggling to attend to the wounded, while most people are blocked from leaving Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

Israel has continued its bombardment of Gaza but has failed to stop Palestinian rocket fire, as the US offered to help negotiate a truce.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

On Friday morning, Avichay Adraee, spokesman for the Israeli military to Arab media, said that Israel had hit 1,100 targets since launching its campaign earlier this week.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

Palestinian officials said that more than 100 Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

As Israel continues to pound Gaza with air strikes, there is concern about the capacity of the territory’s hospitals to attend to the more than 700 injured.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

After nearly a month of closure, Egypt opened Gaza’s main gate to the outside world – the Rafah border crossing – but travel was restricted to medical patients and people seriously wounded by Israeli air strikes.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

Gaza’s Interior Ministry announced that Palestinians holding Egyptian passports would also be eligible to leave through Rafah.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera
Israel estimates more than 500 rockets have been fired from Gaza since Monday.
/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera
Palestinians try to salvage what they can of their belongings from the rubble of a house destroyed by an overnight Israeli airstrike.
/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera
In a statement, the Israeli army said it had hit a number of houses that were being used for military purposes.
/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera
The Israeli offensive began after a build up of violence following the killing of three young Israeli settlers last month and the murder of a Palestinian teenager in a suspected revenge attack.
/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

The bombings and exchange of rocket fire between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli military has drawn strong reactions from leaders across the globe.

/Wissam Nassar/Al Jazeera

Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary general, condemned the rocket attacks and urged Israel to show restraint.

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