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How Cicero (106 Av JC-43 Av JC) summarized social structure

John Saad posted on FB this July 18 · Beirut ·

Théorie de Cicéron (106 Av JC-43 Av JC)

1 – Le pauvre : Travaille,
2 – Le riche : Exploite le 1,
3 – Le soldat : Défend les deux,
4 – Le contribuable : Paye pour les trois,
5 – Le vagabond : Se repose pour les quatre,
6 – Le poivrot : Boit pour les cinq,
7 – Le banquier : Escroque les six,
8 – L’avocat : Trompe les sept,
9 – Le médecin : Tue les huit,
10- Le croquemort : Enterre les neuf,
11- Et le politique : Vit des dix.

Note: A few physicians were upset. Mind you that medical treatment was prehistoric during Cicero time and people died as physicians “took care” of their illnesses.

Fraud Peace Prize denied plane entry in many European countries: Peres, ex-President of Israel

Sweden refuses Israeli president’s plane entry into its airspace

Swedish authorities refused on Sunday to allow the plane of Israeli President Shimon Peres to cross into its airspace en route to Norway, causing him to arrive late to his official reception.

When Stockholm refused the plane permission to cross, the pilots were forced into a holding pattern over the Baltic Sea for 20 minutes until they were rerouted via Denmark’s airspace.

Israel’s Haartez newspaper reported the ministry saying that Peres’s office had failed to follow the correct protocols, resulting in its intervention.

Peres’s office blamed Stockholm, while the Israeli Foreign Ministry pointed the finger at the President’s Office and the private airline company responsible for arranging the trip.

The ministry said that it should have been arranging the flight all along, but Peres’s office claimed that Sweden had approved it. The Swedish authorities said they had no knowledge of the flight.

However, Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence services verified that all permissions had been granted, but permission was later revoked for unknown reasons.

Note: The King and Queen of Sweden participated in the demonstration against Israeli slaughter in Gaza

– See more at:

Israeli leader’s visit sparks protests in Norway

Associated Press

STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Israeli President Shimon Peres was met by political anger and protests over his country’s policies in the occupied territories during a visit to Norway Monday.

The 90-year-old Peres, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for his role in trying to bring Israel and the Palestinians together in Norwegian-mediated peace talks known as the Oslo Accords (an accord that Peres consistently flaunted since then), is the first Israeli head of state to visit the country.

Norway’s King Harald, who plays a ceremonial role and is not part of the government, welcomed Peres to the royal palace on Monday as police dispersed demonstrators outside. More protests were planned by 24 organizations.

“When the government invites the Israeli president on a state visit, one can only ask what signal Norway wants to send,” said Kathrine Jensen, head of the Norwegian Palestine Committee. She demanded that the Norwegian government “condemn Israeli occupation policy and their human rights abuses.

Norwegian-Israeli relations have soured over the past decade as Norway’s left-leaning governments took a critical stance against Israel.

Unlike many western countries, Norway refused to classify Gaza’s Islamic Hamas rulers as terrorists, and the government’s rich oil fund has divested shares in companies accused of contributing to building Israeli homes in the West Bank.

Peres, who as foreign minister shared the peace prize in 1994 with the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, appeared unfazed by the protests.

He told reporters after meeting King Harald that he enjoyed visiting Norway, which he described as “a pearl of humanity.”

Despite the recent collapse of U.S.-backed Mideast peace talks, Peres said the chance for peace has not been lost.

“Neither we nor the Palestinians have any other alternative but peace,” Norwegian broadcaster NRK quoted Peres as saying in a speech at an Oslo synagogue.

Note: Shimon Peres held government posts since 1950 and contributed in convincing the French government to built a nuclear reactor in Israel in 1965 and atomic bombs.

He was the prime minister when Israel launched the operation Grapes of Wrath on Lebanon in 1996 and bombed the UN compound in Qana where refugees flocked in.

Shimon Peres is the number one responsible for the mass humiliation and massacres of the Palestinians since the creation of the State of Israel, and yet was awarded a fraudulent Nobel Peace Prize


Renouncing my Israeli citizenship

For several decades I believed, as most Jews do, that the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel was an answer to the Nazi Holocaust and other persecutions of Jews through the centuries, such as the Russian pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

However, none of these atrocities were carried out by Palestinians and none of them justify the atrocities and other injustices perpetrated upon the Palestinian people by the Zionist Movement and the State of Israel for over a century.

I am referring to the racist colonization of Palestine, the Nakba/Catastrophe of 1948 whereby the establishment of Israel as a state was accompanied by the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian Arab villages, massacres of thousands of men, women and children and the forced exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland.

Subsequently Israel has embarked upon an aggressive, Nazi-like expansion and a brutal, inhuman, military occupation of nearly half a century.

As a serious student of the Nazi Holocaust, I can only be horrified at the disgrace that the State of Israel and its Jewish supporters continue to bring upon the memory of Jewish Holocaust victims.

It’s a moral abomination to emulate Nazi tactics in the name of the Jewish people and their alleged security: cowardly massive bombings and slaughter of civilian populations who have no air force to protect them, collective punishment and torture, mass incarcerations, destruction of thousands of homes, and the vicious blockade and ghetto processes perpetrated on the people in Gaza.

Israel is not becoming an apartheid state—it already is one with separate and unequal laws and policing for its Jewish citizens on one hand and for its non-Jewish, mostly Arab citizens and victims of the occupation on the other hand.

It is with a new found clarity of thinking and analyzing a very emotional tragedy that I have thrown off the shackles of Zionist propaganda and am proudly and publicly renouncing my Israeli citizenship effective immediately.

At the same time I denounce the ongoing colonial oppression of the Palestinian people, a terrible injustice that is greatly facilitated by US tax dollars supporting the vast Israeli military machine.

I also encourage other Jews to educate themselves and to stand on the side of the oppressed.

Abu Yazan posted in FB

Hamas killed : 0 Israeli civilians, Injured 0 Israeli civilians and arrested 0 Israeli civilian, partially destroyed 6 Israeli civilian houses, 0 hospital, 0 school, 0 media agencies and 0 religious places are attacked

Israel killed : 700+ civilians, injured 4000+ civilians, Destroyed 300+ civilian houses, damaged partially 15,000+ houses, destroyed 48 mosques, pulverized a number of schools, hospitals, institutions for the handicapped, a number of NGOs, Media agencies and civil institutions were targeted. 

Israel killed: 15 Hamas fighter, injured 134 Hamas fighter and arrested 0 Hamas fighters.

Hamas killed: 29 Israeli soldiers, injured 168 Israeli soldiers and arrested 1.

Seriously who is the terrorist?

And done at a State level.




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