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How Cicero summarized social structure

Posted on: July 24, 2014

How Cicero (106 Av JC-43 Av JC) summarized social structure

John Saad posted on FB this July 18 · Beirut ·

Théorie de Cicéron (106 Av JC-43 Av JC)

1 – Le pauvre : Travaille,
2 – Le riche : Exploite le 1,
3 – Le soldat : Défend les deux,
4 – Le contribuable : Paye pour les trois,
5 – Le vagabond : Se repose pour les quatre,
6 – Le poivrot : Boit pour les cinq,
7 – Le banquier : Escroque les six,
8 – L’avocat : Trompe les sept,
9 – Le médecin : Tue les huit,
10- Le croquemort : Enterre les neuf,
11- Et le politique : Vit des dix.

Note: A few physicians were upset. Mind you that medical treatment was prehistoric during Cicero time and people died as physicians “took care” of their illnesses.

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