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In a combat situation: Ethical Code of Conduct priorities

Posted on: August 25, 2014

In a combat situation: Ethical Code of Conduct priorities

Joanna Choukeir Hojeily posted on FB this August 4, 2014

Yesterday, I asked my father, a retired Major General in the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), this question:

“In a combat situation, if your commanders are faced with these three factors, how would you train them to prioritise and take action:
1. Achieving a military objective;
2. Sparing soldiers’ lives;
3. Sparing enemy civilians’ lives.”

He replied: “According to the LAF Ethical Code of Conduct, the three factors are of equal priority.

We need to achieve a military objective while sparing as many soldiers’ and civilians’ lives.

The military objective is very important, however, if it risks the lives of soldiers and/or enemy civilians at a scale that exceeds the achievement of the military objective, we would need to consider a different military strategy that incurs less loss in lives. This ethical practice is common across many National armies in the World.”

And what is Israel army Ethical Code of Conduct?

IDF: “No justification for endangering lives of soldiers to avoid killing of civilians who live in vicinity of terrorists” ‪#‎GazaUnderAttack

Now I quote from the Israeli Defencs Forces’ Ethical Code of Conduct:
The overriding principle guiding the commanders is achieving their military objectives. Next in priority is protecting soldiers’ lives, followed by avoiding injury to enemy civilians.”

#‎Israeli‬ officer’s briefing: “Let errors take their lives, not ours. This is the mindset. War.” ‪#‎Gazaunderattack‬

Questions human rights organisations are asking themselves

Questions human rights organisations are asking themselves

Therefore, it comes at no surprise that the UN and the World would be questioning the ethics of Israel’s military actions so urgently and frequently

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