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After Gaza: Lebanese army needs support against obscurantist terrorists?

Posted on: August 26, 2014

After Gaza: Lebanese army needs support against obscurantist terrorists

The UK has been supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces to prevent the overspill of the Syrian Civil War into Lebanon. (And It failed to condemn Israel preemptive war on Gaza)

This is from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:
“Practical UK support for Lebanon’s stability has increased tenfold over the last two years.

In 2013, the UK government approved £12.2 million to fund the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) to extend the authority of the Lebanese state into contested border areas. (while approving 600 million to Israel?)

This includes a $16 million ‘train and equip’ programme to strengthen the Land Border Regiments of the LAF.

These Regiments monitor 150km of Lebanon’s border with Syria.

12 border watchtowers are being constructed along the border with Syria with UK support, and we have delivered 164 Land Rovers, 1,500 sets of body armour, a secure radio communication network, border watchtowers, and HESCO bastion ballistic protection for LAF positions along the border.

Over 3500 troops have been trained with UK support, and in 2013, 44 LAF personnel undertook training in the UK.

Our programs are responding to the needs set out by the LAF in their 5-year Capability Development Plan.
Lebanon is a priority country for the UK’s largest ever humanitarian effort in response to the Syria conflict.

UK humanitarian and development support to Lebanon has reached £139 million since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, including in vulnerable areas around Arsal.”

Mr Ellwood condemns attacks, sends his condolences to the families of those…
Note: The latest round in Ersal is moot in its outcome: 40 Lebanese soldiers are still held with Daesh forces

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