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Scotland, Scots Independent from Imperial Constitutional monarchy of England?

For weeks, public media have been telling us the vote for independence is pretty close.

Actually, the US has infused plenty of funds and displayed mighty efforts to sway the Scots from voting Yes.

Most of the efforts were of the negative fear reaction kinds, but it appears that the Scots will vote Yes by a 60% margin.

The US will be the most badly damaged from an Independent Scotland and serious consequences will be felt around the world political scenarios.

Scotland will negotiate with England for about 2 years in order to iron out details.

England has accumulate huge sovereign debt in order to preserve its illusion of an Empire where the sun never sets.

Apparently, on a proportional basis for population (less than 6 million), Scotland will still incur $170 billion financial risks or 75% of its GNP.

During these harsh months in hiatus, Scotland will have to satisfy the many requirements of the EU to join. Particularly, establishing a central bank

What are the consequences?

1. England will cease to be at the beck of US foreign policies.

For a century now, England was the spearhead of US policies to destabilize Europe, especially the smooth functioning of the EU.

The US was happy to satisfy England illusion that it is a superpower with a veto power in the UN, in return for a total adhesion to US policies of being the cook and the European States to do the dishes and picking up the broken dishes too.

England was putting countless hurdles at every critical decision for a completely unified Europe.

And England was the first of the allies to join US preemptive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And England did its best to drag many countries from its former colonies to join US disastrous coalitions. Scots suffered heavy casualties in many of these wars that they didn’t believe in.

2, As Scotland is amputated from England, the British  will feel the heat and a mighty wake up call to face the reality that they are European and must integrate fully in the EU.

3. Many European companies that enjoy huge trade with Russia, particularly the German long-term investment in Russia, will flock to Scotland and try to circumvent the sanctions against Russia.

Scotland will become a hub for new business ventures until it finally  and officially joins the EU.

Note: For 4 centuries now, Russia was the “vital space” for Europe and particularly Germany. Countless wars were waged in order to enjoy the cheapest Russian wheat and other raw materials.

And Russia was the key player in defeating the Germans in both WW.

And russia was the country that permitted Germany to train it military forces in Russia and to test its new weapons as Europe was heaping countless restrictions on Germany after WWI.




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